Korean Parents Day – Origin, Traditions and Gift Ideas!

Korean Parents Day

In Korea, May is known as the month of family because Koreans embraces a lot of family celebration in this month. Start by the Children’s Day on the 5th, Korean Parents’ Day on the 8th and Teacher’s day on the 15th. 

In this article, we will dive into the origins, traditions, and heartfelt ways Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day. Let’s dive right into it!

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The Origin of Korean Parents Day

Korean Parents’ Day as we know it today was officially established in 1973 by President Park Chung-hee. 

He wanted to promote family values and emphasize the importance of respecting our parents. Since then, Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day on May 8th every year.

In Confucianism, filial piety – or respect for one’s parents – is considered a core value. This belief led to the creation of a designated day to honor and appreciate parents.

Even though Parents’ Day is not a holiday in Korea, Koreans observe Parents’ Day with various activities that show gratitude towards parents. 

What is Parents' Day in Korea?

It’s a special day to celebrate and honor parents for their unconditional love, sacrifices, and guidance. 

In Korean culture, family plays a central role in every childrens life. Parents’ Day is an opportunity for kids to express gratitude and appreciation to their parents.

How is Parents' Day Celebrated in Korea?

Korean Parents Day

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On this special day, families often gather together for dine together, and kids usually presenting them with thoughtful gifts or acts of service.

In many families, children shower their parents with love and gratitude through heartwarming gestures. 

The symbol of Parents’ Day is the carnation flower, representing affection, admiration, and appreciation. 

Children gift red and pink carnations to their parents, wearing them on their chests as a heartfelt token of love. 

Some grown-up children offer their parents monetary rewards, allowing them to indulge in their desires and wishes. 

This annual celebration serves as a reminder not only to cherish our own parents but also to recognize their sacrifices and contributions towards raising us into who we are today.

It’s an opportunity for all generations to come together and express their love and appreciation for their moms and dads!

So mark your calendars for May 8th because on Korean Parents’ Day, it’s time to celebrate those incredible individuals who have shaped our lives with love and care!

When is Parents’ Day in South Korea?

Korean Parents Day

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Parents Day is celebrate every 8th of May every single year.

The date May 8th holds significance because it coincides with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in some other countries. 

By combining these two celebrations into one, Korean culture highlights the equal importance of both mothers and fathers in family.

Education About Korean Parents’ Day

Korean Parents Day

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On Parents’ Day in Korea, teachers guide students in creating postcards filled with innocent and sincere wishes, allowing children to express their love for their parents. 

Some children make creative gifts like wrapping sweet candies or donning carnation headbands to embody the spirit of the day.

Many schools organize unique “feet-washing ceremonies,” where students humbly wash their parents’ feet, symbolizing gratitude and reverence to the parents.

How to Greet Parents on Parents’ Day?

Korean Parents Day

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A simple but heartfelt “Happy Parents’ Day!” (어버이날 축하합니다!) is always a good way to start. You can say it with a big smile or even write it in a card or message.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can express your appreciation and love through words of thanks like “Thank you for everything you do” or “I’m grateful to have such amazing parents, always be healthy.” and so on.

You can write it on a card and give it to them. Remember that sincerity is key when greeting your parents on this special day.

The Parents' Day Song in Korea

The Parents’ Day song in Korea is ‘Mother of Grace’. The lyric is so deep and the melody is so gentle, which creates a warm and loving atmosphere.

This heartfelt song brings tears to many eyes as people reminiscing their parents sacrifices.

Famous Korean Proverbs about Parents and Filial Piety

Korea has a rich collection of proverbs that emphasize the importance of filial piety and the role of parents in society. 

These proverbs have been passed down through generations and serve as reminders of the wisdom and values cherished by Koreans.

  • Even if the chicken becomes a phoenix, it should not forget the nest it was born in.
    This proverb highlights the significance of remembering one’s roots and the importance of gratitude towards one’s parents.
  • One bow, a thousand thanks.
    This proverb emphasizes the value of a simple bow as a way to express respect and gratitude towards parents.
  • The one who has given birth to you is the Buddha.
    This proverb reflects the deep reverence and respect Koreans have for their parents. It underscores the belief that parents hold a sacred place in one’s life.

Sum Up

Korean Parents’ Day is a beautiful celebration of love, gratitude, and respect towards parents. It embodies the essence of family values and filial piety deeply ingrained in Korean culture.

Whether you are in Korea or anywhere else in the world, Parents’ Day is a wonderful opportunity to express your gratitude and make your parents feel loved.

Remember, Parents’ Day is not just about giving gifts or saying thank you. It’s about cherishing the bond between parents and children, creating precious memories together, and showing them that their love means everything to us.

Take this occasion as a reminder to celebrate your parents every day, not just on Parents’ Day.

Let’s cherish the moments we spend with them, listen to their stories with patience and interest, offer our support whenever they need it, and most importantly – tell them how much we love them.

How do you celebrate Parents’ Day in your country? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Korean Parents Day
Korean Parents Day

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