Korean Shoe Brands – 11 Best Brands To Have On Your Radar!

Korean Shoe Brands

Looking for the best korean shoe brands to enhance your fashion style this year? Korean is well known for it’s wonderful beauty product as well as fashion stuff. In this article, I will share to you some of the best korean shoe brands to help you grab some nice fashionable shoes. Let’s dive right into these shoe brands.

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Korean Shoe Brands

After surfing the internet and research some of the best korean shoe brands based on the customer as well as netizen feedbacks, here are some of the best korean shoe brands including.


Korean Shoe Brands


VANILLASHU is a popular korean shoe brands known for it’s simple yet stylish and affordable price. 

Whether you are looking for sandals, high heels, slippers, flats, boots, bag or sneakers, with any type of unique design (in-house design) and colors, VANILLASHU covered it all.

In addition, they ensured that each orders will be packed appropriately and shipped on time! Take a look at their Instagram and see if this brand is for you.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to Yuu lyie

YUUL YIE is a korean shoe brand founded by Sunyuul Yie in 2010, boast of it’s unique style you can’t find elsewhere. 

This brand is quite viral on instagram, so if you are fashion enthusiast, you might already seen their post on your feed before.

Their main factory is located in Korea where they develop a fine shoes with exclusive timeless design that are in line with feminity, comfortable and stylish at the same time. 

You can find all kinds of collections from pumps, boots, sneakers, loafers, mules and sandals with various cute girly design. The best part is that their website offers english language option at their front page!


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to DOMBA

DOMBA is a korean shoe brand that is famous among koreans for it’s unique design and high quality sneaker. Their simple yet eye catching design caught attentions of the youth. 

The shoes are comfortable to wear and also fit easily with any type of outfit. In addition, since they’re targeting youth audience, their price is quite affordable and the designs are never outdated.

4. MLB

Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to MLB

MLB is the short form of ‘Major League Baseball’, which is the professional sports organization of baseball game. 

This brand receive a lot of recognition and admirations among youth all over the world. Whether you are looking for shoes, bags, hats, accessories or any other fashion stuff, they got you covered.

Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to MLB

The most popular shoe is MLB Big Ball Chunky shoes, which is very stylish, durable and comfortable to use, other than help adding 7 cm to your height.

In addition to that iconic shoes, I personally love their hat, and i think you also already saw many youth wear their iconic hat.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to SAPPUN

SAPPUN is an affordable, middle class korean shoe brand founded in 2017 in Seoul.

It started as an online shop but has quickly grow and have several physical stores in Busan as well as Seoul prime areas like Gangnam, Myeongdong and Hongdae. 

This brand is considered new compare to others, yet it’s quickly gain recognitions among women for it’s feminine design and various color selections for each model of their shoes. 

Many people recommend their heels, because the materials is very comfortable to wear even for a long time.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to SOVO

SOVO is a korean fashion brands which means, they’re not just offers shoes, but also clothing products. 

This brand are slightly higher in quality and price compare to other brands like SAPPUN and VANILLASHU because they ‘handcrafted’ their shoes. 

This brand has been around for three decades, which ensure their experience in this industry. In addition, they’ve made tons of unique design created by their in-house designers.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to KOLCA

Kolca is a popular korean shoe brand among sports enthusiast.

This brand is known for their sophisticated and yet simple design which help you to stand out among the crowd in your daily life.

Their products is easily fit with various outfit because their shoes are mostly having neutral colors, with a little accentuating sidelines.

If you are looking for couple shoes that you can wear in your daily life, then you can take a look at KOLCA.

This brand has been around since 80s, so you can expect their shoes are comfortable to wear and suitable for daily use.


Korean Shoe Brands


MONOTOXIC, another stylish korean shoe brand known for it’s various colored shoes with high quality materials. 

It’s meticulous hand-stitched footwear consistently attracting women of all ages. Whether you are looking for boots, slippers, pumps, loafers, sneakers or even apparel, MONOTOXIC got you covered.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to SHOOPEN

SHOOPEN offers all kinds of shoe, from ankle boots, canvas shoes, indoor slippers and many others. 

Their products are unisex and their wide ranges of shoe designs suit for audience of all ages, from children to elderly.


Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to pinkelephant

PINKELEPHANTS is a shoe brand that focuses on female audience, thus you can expect that their design is girly and feminine. 

They have several physical stores in Gangnam areas and you can also find them in Shinsegae. They offer a lot of spicy discount if you purchase pre-order products or being a member.

11. Fila

Korean Shoe Brands

Credit to FILA

I believe you already know this brand! Fila is a famous korean shoe brands all over the world, know for it’s stylish design and high-quality materials which is perfect for sports.

In addition, the price is very reasonable and with BTS as one of their models, we all can agree that this brand attract huge attention of global market.

Fila is actually founded more than hundred years ago in Italy before Korean acquired this brand in 2007. Since then it has became one of the most famous sport shoe among asians and all over the world.

Best Korean Shoe Brands For Women

When we are talking about the best korean shoe brands for women, I believe it will be differ from person to person.

However, if you ask my opinion about the best shoe brands for women, then I think there are three great shoe brands for women, SOVO, SAPPUN, and VANILLASHU

Sum Up

Whether you are looking for a cute girly sneakers or elegant classy club-goers heels, Korea have it all.

Most of these Korean shoe brands offer a huge range of collections that will definitely suit your preference.

The best part is that most of korean shoe is durable and evergreen in style, so you can also save money while still being comfortable and fashionable.

Here are all the best korean shoe brands I can share today, which one you love the most? Have you ever grab shoe from one of these brands? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Korean Shoe Brands
Korean Shoe Brands

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