Korean Web Drama – Short and Sweet Dramas For Busy People!

korean web drama

Are you hoping for a short version of Korean dramas you can watch while waiting for your subway to come? Then Korean web drama is perfect for you!

Korean web drama is a short version of Korean dramas! Most Korean web drama episode range between 5-30 minutes, enough to keep you hooked during your waiting time. Look at some of the best Korean web dramas to add to your watchlist!

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Korean Web Drama

Korean web drama’s popularity has started gaining popularity and traction in recent years. It’s probably because more and more people are looking for a short version of Korean dramas. Here are some of the best Korean web dramas you need to watch.

1. Bad Girlfriend

korean web drama

Credit to mydramalist

Bad Girlfriend tells the story of a bad girl who loves having an affair, even though her boyfriend works at the same company as her.

One day, the guy she has an affair with applies to work at the company where she and her boyfriend works.

Thus the messy love affair and love triangle journey begins as she must keep up with two boyfriends in one place.

2. Summer Guys

korean web drama

Summer Guys tells a story of three young men and a woman who work together in a beach bar. Unfortunately, one day they find the cocktail bars on fire and need to rebuild it before summer.

This web drama shows their determination to get back up and fight to make their cocktail bar a hotspot during summer.

3. I Have A Secret

korean web drama

I Have a Secret tells the story of a 17-year-old high school student who falls in love with her best friend’s boyfriend.

She tries her best to keep her feelings inside and to respect her friendship. However, things get complicated as her best friend’s boyfriend approaches her for relationship advice.

Feeling exhausted with this situation, she pours out her secret to a fellow high school student attending a different school.

While everything seems to be okay, things get complicated when her close confidante pours out all of her secrets and moves to her school.

4. Ending Again

korean web drama

Ending again tells the story of two individuals who do a fake marriage to receive the government’s financial support.

They need money to help them rent a house to live. After a while, they start building chemistry with one another, and we will see how they develop feelings for each other.

5. One Fine Week

korean web drama

One Fine Week tells the story of two individuals who decide to exchange each other’s lives for one week.

What makes it interesting is that these two individuals live a polar opposite lifestyle. One is working as a part-timer at the coffee shop, while the other is a famous K-pop idol with tons of experience working in the entertainment industry.

You will witness the remarkable journey of two people whose lives turn 360 degrees and how they live their new lives.

6. Must You Go

korean web drama

Must you go the story of a 25-year-old woman who dreams of being a successful musician, yet she ends up busking each night on the streets. One day, a talented musician from the Joseon era met her and planned to help her reach her dreams.

7. Best Mistake

korean web drama

Best Mistake tells the story of someone tired of being pursued by a stubborn guy who never gave up on her. She posted a picture of strangers on her social media and claimed he was her boyfriend.

Little did she know that the stranger she posted was a notorious bad guy well-known among teachers and students. However, after getting closer to him, she discovers he is not as bad as people think.

8. Breakup Probation A Week

korean web drama

Credit to viu

Breakup Probation a Week tells a story of a happy couple who gets into a horrible traffic accident that causes the woman to die and leaves the man in a coma.

After the women die, she wakes up in a strange place where she meets strangers that offer her a chance to save her couple’s life.

However, the offer comes with a cost. She must return to life for a week and break up with her beloved couple.

She quickly accepts the offer, not knowing how hard it is to break up with someone she dearly love.

9. User Not Found

korean web drama

User not found tells the story of two female students with the same name but polar opposite personalities.

One is an attractive and engaging young woman, while the other is timid and reserved.

Tired of their lives, they plan to do something exciting, swap their life. Things look good until a seemingly reckless guy with a gentle and attractive personality enters their life.

10. Blue Birthday

Blue Birthday tells the story of someone who goes back in time through mysterious photos. The pictures were left by her first love, who died on her birthday ten years ago by suicide.

Now she has the chance to go back through time and revisits the day her man chose to commit suicide. She plans to know the reasons behind his suicide and try to save him.

11. Twenty-twenty

korean web drama

Twenty-twenty tells a story of groups of 20 years old start to navigate their life altogether. We will see how they start finding their identity while bearing the burden of responsibility and still having fun altogether.

12. Kiss Goblin

korean web drama

Kiss Goblin tells a story of a goblin who needs to kiss a human ten times to be a full human.

One day, he meets a strong girl who is mad at her because she saw him kiss a stranger and her best friend.

As you can guess, they start to develop feelings for one another, and we will see how their love journey progress.

13. Love Revolution

korean web drama

Love Revolution tells the story of a 17-year-old high schooler who falls in love at first sight with a beautiful yet arrogant woman. This Korean web drama shows the perseverance of a guy in conquering his crush’s heart.

14. The Mysterious Class

korean web drama

The Mysterious Class tells a story of a class with 21 students, but it only has 20 students. This web drama shows how they doubt each other and try to solve the mystery behind it.

15. Replay: The Moment When It Start Again

korean web drama

Replay tells a story of a group of high school form a band as they go towards the end of their school days. However, as they journey together, they start developing feelings for one another, which ends up threatening the band unity.

16. I Can See You MBTI

korean web drama

I can see you. MBTI tells a story of a mysterious girl who can see other people’s personalities and a guy who can change his personality and have a lot of secrets. The two individuals with polar opposite power then fall in love with one another.

17. The Temperature of Language: Our Nineteen

korean web drama

Credit to tvN

The Temperature of Language tells a story of a female high school student in their final year.

Because her last year in high school is filled with exams and endless study, she plans to pour out all her negative emotions on social media.

While at first everything seems fine, things get complicated as people get curious to know who is behind the social media account.

18. In Seoul

korean web drama

In Seoul tells a love-hate story between a mother and her daughter. The mother continually criticizes her daughter for her idealist views. In contrast, the daughter plans to enroll at University in Seoul so that she can leave her house and her mother.

19. The World of My 17

korean web drama

The World of My 17 tells the story of someone looking for a new beginning after continually getting bullied and compared throughout her elementary and middle school to her goddess friend. Unfortunately, they reunite once again as schoolmates, and the story continues.

20. Top Management

korean web drama

Top Management tells a story of a former girl group idol trainee becoming a manager of a struggling male band. She uses all of her ability to be successful as a manager by predicting the future and planning accordingly.

21. XX

korean web drama

XX tells a story of a professional bartender who works for XX bar. She is proud to work as a head bartender there, even though she dreamed of opening her own bar in the future.

One day, XX bar is taken by a new owner, her former best friend (until something happens and tears apart their friendship) and things start getting complicated.

22. A-TEEN

korean web drama

Credit to hancinema

A-Teen shows teenagers’ struggle in their second and third years of high school. This short web drama explores each individual challenges in school. We will see how overachiever teens interact with quiet average students.

23. Love Playlist

korean web drama

Love Playlist tells the story of five university students’ life – all throughout the highs and lows in their journey of relationship, friendship, breakups, and grief.

Sum Up

Korean web drama is an excellent solution for those who love Korean dramas yet are short in time.

We all know that recently reels, youtube shorts have started gaining popularity as more people move into a shorter version of videos.

This phenomena also happens in Korean drama sections. I believe more and more people will get into Korean web dramas as life gets busier.

I hope this article is useful in giving you some best Korean web drama recommendations to watch this year.

Which Korean web dramas do you plan to watch this year? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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