Korean Zodiac Signs and Their Personality Traits!

korean zodiac

Have you ever heard about 12 Korean Zodiac Signs? Koreans believe these zodiac can help us predict each person personality and characters.

This time, I will help you find out your Korean zodiac signs and personality traits accompany each zodiac.

Let’s take a look at these Korean Zodiac Signs!

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Korean Zodiac

korean zodiac

Credit to Koreanclass101

Korean zodiac culture is adapted from Chinese.

You can expect to find 12 animals in Korean zodiac just like Chinese.

Each person got their zodiac based on the birth year – each year is specifically designated to one particular zodiac.

Every animal in Korean zodiac calendar has it’s own characteristic and personality that Korean believe relate with each one personality.

In addition, some older Korean people also use these Zodiac as a consideration before make a big decisions, like marriage, find a job or fortune.

History of Korean Zodiac Signs

korean zodiac

The origin of Korean zodiac is based on the story of the old tale as follow.

Once upon a time, the gods above the clouds making a swimming competition to assigned a particular order for each zodiac. As the rat come first and the pig last, the rat became the first with the pig at the end of the zodiac order.

Twelve Korean Zodiac Signs

These are the twelve animals in Korean Zodiac signs.

1. Rat

korean zodiac

Rat is consider to be the smartest, or cunning animal based on the story. 

Thus, people born in this year are believed to be ambitious, adaptive, cheerful, logical and cunning in a positive or negative way depends on their other beliefs.

Koreans believe that the year of the rat is excellent to make a big changes, such as finding a new job, married, or start something new. Rats zodiac are compatible with dragon and monkey, but less compatible with horse.

2. Ox

korean zodiac

Ox is a strong animal, thus people with ox zodiac are believed to have a really strong character, leader full of courage and also stubborn, in both positive and negative depends on each one beliefs. 

Someone with ox zodiac is someone who work hard to achieve their dream, especially in doing their job.

Koreans believe that you can get your fortune if you are working hard during the year of the ox.

Ox zodiacs are match with snakes and rooster, yet less compatible with sheep.

3. Tiger

korean zodiac

Tiger people are described as sensitive, great empathizers, and deep thinkers. 

However, they are also seen to be extremely short-tempered and slow in decision-making. 

While people have great respect to this zodiac, they also have a tendency to get in conflict with those older or of higher authority.

People with tiger zodiac usually a careless in positive way, a courageous person who will do anything to reach it’s target. 

Every 60 years, the year of the white tiger takes place, yet it is a polarize year, signaling an unlucky and unfortunate year. 

Tiger is compatible with horse and dogs, less compatible with monkey.

4. Rabbit

korean zodiac

Rabbit is a friendly, sensitive, empathetic and a great company.

People with this zodiac are usually cheerful, easy going and easily connected with people around them. 

However, sometimes rabbit zodiac often very sensitive and need a lone time quiet often after meeting lots of people.

The year of the rabbit is regarded as a lucky year among Korean people. 

Rabbit zodiac is compatible with sheep and pigs, and less compatible with rooster.

5. Dragon

korean zodiac

Dragon is an ambitious and dominating myth animal. 

Thus, people with this zodiac tends to have their own rules, out of the box personality and do what they want to do.

Usually they are very brave and won’t easily give up as they see difficulties as a challenge. 

Korean believe that people with this zodiac tends to be a goal oriented person.

More over, people with dragon zodiac usually love to help, but their pride won’t let them asking for help from anyone else. 

Dragon also love their lone time. 

This zodiac compatible with monkey and rats, less compatible with dogs.

6. Snake

korean zodiac

Snake is smart, intuitive, introspective, cunning in both positive and negative way. 

Thus people with this zodiac tends to be very intelligent and cunning, not easily manipulated. 

Snakes zodiac person compatible with rooster and oxen, less compatible with pigs.

7. Horse

korean zodiac

Horse is a strong independent animal, easy going and also cheerful. 

People with this zodiac tends to be strong, independent, yet stubborn and hard to listen to other people.

Because of those traits, women with this zodiac is not quiet popular to get as a life partner, especially if she was born in the year of the white horse. 

Horse zodiac known to be compatible with dogs and tiger and less compatible with rats.

8. Sheep

korean zodiac

Sheep is a compassionate, kind, persistent and stubborn creature. 

However, sheep usually are not goal driven and weak willed type of creature.

Person with this zodiac usually indecisive, moody, and easily missed opportunities. 

In addition, people with sheep zodiac will stay out of being the center of attention. 

Sheep zodiac sign is compatible with pigs and rabbits yet less compatible with oxen.

9. Monkey

korean zodiac

Monkey is the creature that was quiet similar with human, thus considered to be the most intelligent creature.

People with monkey zodiac are usually smart, genius at solving problem and calculate risk.

Other than that, they’re quick to make good decision and have adaptable personality.

Monkey are compatible with rats and dragon, yet less compatible with tiger.

10. Rooster

korean zodiac

Rooster known by it’s voice, which means rooster are excellent at communication.

Those with this zodiac are usually outspoken, outgoing and also goal driven – as Rooster wake up early and also wakes another up.

During the year of the Rooster, we need to put a lot of effort and discipline to maintain our friendship, relationship and partnership. 

Rooster are compatible with oxen and snake yet less compatible with rabbit.

11. Dog

korean zodiac

Dog possess all the best personality human ever desire, which is honest, faithful, loyal, trustworthy and responsible. 

People with this zodiac tend to be the same, they value relationship more than anything else, including money or even themselves.

However, the bad side is that usually they are also selfish and overprotective. 

Dogs are compatible with tiger and horse, yet less compatible with dragon.

12. Pig

korean zodiac

Pig, as we know is related to the bank account as they’re a big fat ass animal. 

During the year of the pig, People tend to believe that it is the best year, filled with a great luck and fertility.

People with this zodiac is believed to be a lucky person. 

In addition, Pig are compatible with rabbit and sheep, yet less compatible with snakes.

Sum Up

These are a little bit I know about Korean Zodiac signs that I can share with all of you.

Personally, I just use it for fun and as a topic when I talk with Korean people.

Sometime, I also use it for giving some gifts for their special day or celebrations.

What is your Korean Zodiac signs?

Do you think it’s accurately relate to your personality traits?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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