Best Netflix Kdrama You Can Watch Today!

best netflix kdrama

Are you looking for the Best Netflix Kdrama to watch before the year end?

I’ve compiled a list of the Best Netflix Kdrama that’s worth your time and will definitely give you a roller coaster feelings as you watch it.

If you want to give it a try, keep reading!

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1. Nevertheless

Best Korean Romance Dramas

Nevertheless tells a story of a women who no longer believe in love meet a charming player that she can’t resist.

The toxic relationship begin as the guy only want her for sex and not serious relations.

If you love to see how toxic relationship develop, then this kdrama is for you.

It’s basically a Korean version of ‘friends with benefits’.

2. The Glory


The Glory tells a story of a women seeking revenge on her bullies from high school.

She got dropped out of school and miss her dream to be an architect because of her bullies.

Years passed by but she never forget this incident.

Now, she is a homeroom teacher of her bullies kid.

The cruel revenge begin.

3. A Time Called You

korean dramas september 2023

A Time Called You tells a story of someone who is still grieving after her death boyfriend suddenly got transported back to 1998 as a high school student.

Interestingly, she met someone resembles her deceased boyfriend at the school.

Things get complicated as the best friend of that guy have a crush on her which makes her falls into love triangle.

4. The Silent Sea

kdrama december 2021

The Silent Sea sets in the future eras where the earth is no longer habitable due to environmental disasters.

Humanity live in a space called ‘Atlas’.

The story following the team of scientist sent to retrieve a mysterious sample from abandoned research facility on the Earth that’s currently desolate.

However, there are other parties interested in the sample and so they compete to get it and deal with various challenge.

5. King The Land

best kdrama 2023

Credit to asianwiki

King the Land tells a story of an heir of chaebol family fight for his inheritance.

Amidst his fight to get his inheritance, he meet one of his employee that has a bright and cheerful smile.

The two start develop feeling towards one another.

6. Sweet Home

sweet-home korean drama webtoons

Sweet Home tells a story of a high school student who moves into a rundown apartment complex after the death of his family.

Little did he know that the building is filled with supernatural monsters.

Now he need to cope with another residents to survive.

7. Mask Girl

netflix kdrama

Mask GIrl tells a story of a bored young women whogot tired of ordinary office life anddons a mask to be internet streaming personality.

However, she attract wrong attention, which send her life down to a rabbit hole filled with crime and mysteries.

8. My Name

My Name tells a story of a daughter seeking revenge for her father’s death with the help of a mafia.

She enter a police department thinking she could find the murderers there.

Little did she know that the killer is actually someone close to her.

9. Bloodhounds

Bloodhounds tells a story of two young boxers get into the underworld and work with notorious loan shark to pay their debts to another loan shark.

10. Business Proposal

Business proposal tells a story of someone who got paid to replace her friends doing blind date, find out that the blind date partner is her own boss.

Her task is easy, to make sure he don’t like her and go back home.

Unfortunately, the boss determined to marry her because it’s his grandfather’s last wish.

Now things get more complicated after her boss find out she is one of his employee.

11. Celebrity

best kdrama 2023

Celebrity tells a story of a social media influencer that lust after attention find out that someone have an evil plan that threatens her life and her career.

This drama portrayed how competitive entertainment industry in South Korea.

12. Juvenile Justice

kdramas january 2022

Juvenile Justice tells a story of a cold judge got assigned to a local juvenile court to deal with young offenders.

Many minors get more violent, yet got easily escape any serious types of punishment.

This cold judge start breaking the custom and administer her own ways to the offender.

13. The Sound of Magic

kdramas may 2022

The Sound of Magic tells a story of young women who can see sounds as color.

When she encounter a talented musician, they start working together to create a magical piece of music.

This journey ended up spark a seed of love in their hearts as they deal with their weakness.

14. The Good Bad Mother


The good bad mother tells a story of a coldhearted attorney who loses his memory and cause it to regress to the mind of a child due to an accident.

As he is unable to take care of himself, he move back to his hometown to live with his estranged mother.

His mother see this as an opportunity to be the mother she always wanted to be for him.

15. Squid Game


Squid game is International success in Korea entertainment industry.

This series tells a story of how hundreds of people must compete and kill one another to get a huge amount of money.

This competition is created by the elite who got bored with life and think of creative ways to enjoy a new type of entertainment.

They invite hundreds of people who are desperate and are currently deep in debt to compete for huge amount of money that will change their life once and for all.

Unfortunately, only one person can stay alive and get it all.

16. All of Us are Dead

welfie meaning

All of Us are dead is an apocalyptic series that tells a story about zombie virus that spread all over the school.

It’s similar genre with the Train of Busan Kdrama, with the different is that this drama takes place in high schools.

We will see how students try to defend themselves and fight for their life.

17. Queenmaker


Queenmaker is a political series about a talented fixer that leave her successful position in a huge company and move into politics.

She determine to support a civil rights attorney to be the next mayor of Seoul and also take down her former corrupt employer.

18. Crash Landing on You

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Crash Landing On You tells a story of an heiress of major corporations in South Korea accidentally fall in the North Korea territory as she paraglide near the borders.

In the North, she met a North Korean officer who fall in love with her and willing to do anything to protect her.

19. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Best Korean Romance Dramas

Twenty Five Twenty One tells a story of an ambitious high school meet a hardworking man to reach their dreams, even during a huge  worldwide crisis.

20. Vincenzo

vincenzo korean drama

Vincenzo tells a story of a mob lawyer with dark and bloody past return to South Korea from Italy.

He return to find for a place to stash the mob’s assets and find further money-laundering business opportunities.

In Korea, he met an ambitious attorney who will do anything to win a case and the two start falling in love.

21. Itaewon Class

Itaewon_Class-korean drama webtoon

Itaewon Class tells a story of a boy seeking revenge for his father’s death by opening a restaurant.

His father dies in an accident caused by a restaurant CEO’s son.

Determined to get his revenge, he open a restaurant with sole plan is to destroy the murderer’s restaurants company.

22. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

romcom kdramas

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay tells a story of a man who works in a psychiatric ward gets involved with a famous women children’s book writer with antisocial personality disorder.

The man is not making money while the women is really wealthy, selfish, arrogant and rude.

As they journey together, the women start falling in love with him and try to do anything she can to get his attention.

23. Start-Up

motivational korean drama for students

Start Up is a huge success that literally influence many youth to be an entrepreneur in South Korea.

After this series released, there’s a huge rise of entrepreneurship in Korea.

This series tells a story of a women who wants to start her startup.

She got dropped out of university and start doing part time job, while always dreaming to be a Korean Steve Jobs.

She met a founder of a tech company that is about to fail.

The two then start develop feeling towards another and do amazing collaboration which ended up create a great startup company.

24. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

my id is gangnam beauty korean drama webtoons

My ID is Gangnam Beauty tells a story of a bullied university student undergoes a surgery to change her overall looks.

Despite the successful surgery, people still mean to her and call her “Gangnam Beauty”.

One day, she meet someone who don’t judge people by their appearance and the two start develop feeling towards one another.

25. Love Alarm

Best Korean Romance Dramas

Love Alarm tells a story of an app called ‘Joalarm’.

This app rings when someone nearby likes you, yet it doesn’t reveal any specific details about that person.

This series follows a story of a pretty and smart high school student that live with her aunt after her parents death.

One day, a popular male student from a rich family have a crush on her and the love story begin.

These are all the best Netflix Kdrama I can share with you all.

Hopefully you find this article helpful and make sure to share it with your friends and family who are looking for the best Netflix Kdrama

Let’s make Korean drama known all over the world and enjoy the emotional roller coaster as you watch them!

Which one of these Netflix Kdrama you love the most?

Let me know your favourite Netflix Kdrama in the comment sections below!

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