All You Need To Know About Netflix Singles Inferno Cast!

single inferno cast

In this article, we will share to you all you need to know about the contestants on Netflix Single Inferno. Single Inferno is one of many hits by Netflix, the latest show that just shake the world of korean dating show. Let’s dig in to each contestant of Single’s Inferno.

Netflix Single Inferno

single inferno cast

Single’s Inferno is a korean dating reality show featuring beautiful and successful men and women that was released by Netflix that rank in the top 10 shows on Netflix Korea. 

They are all single, placed on an island to find love with no amenities. but if they match up with someone, they get to spend the night in “Paradise”Hotel and Resort in Paradise City, Jung-Gu, Incheon, South Korea.

This Paradise located mere 1.5 kilometers (less than a mile) away from the Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN). It is a contemporary luxury hotel that lives up to the word luxury with its hospitality and amenities in every way, shape, and form.

Song Ji-a (송지아)

single inferno cast

Song Ji a is the most popular member of Single Inferno, she is an extremely successful korean beauty influencer which introduces many korean beauty, fashion and lifestyle products. She was born in 1997 and work as content creator and model.

Instagram: @dear.zia
Youtube Channel: Free지아

An Yea-won (안예원)

single inferno cast

An Yea Won was born in 1995 and work as model, fitness trainer and pilates instructor. She has a stunning appearance that just attract lots of attention.

Instagram: @yeah.w__
Youtube Channel: 앙 예원

Shin Ji-yeon (신지연)

single inferno cast

Shin Ji Yeon was born in 1997 and actually she’s currently a student of the University of Canada majoring in Biotechnology.

Instagram: @jiiiyeonie__

Kang So-yeon (강소연)

single inferno cast

Kang So Yeon was born in 1988 and work as a the CEO of Hit Fit Boxing and GoodRound. Other than that, she’s also a musical actress as well as youtuber. She was participated in SBS audition program Superstar survival in 2006 and even signed a contract with JYP Entertainment.

Instagram: @kangsoyeon__
Youtube Channel: 소연에반하다.

Moon Se-hun (문세훈)

single inferno cast

Moon Se Hun was born in 1995 and work as Restaurant Manager of Onlygo. He is definitely one of a kind as he is someone who’s not just handsome, but also love to cook. He is a close friend of Kim Kang Yeol from other popular Korean dating reality show Heart Signal 3.

Instagram: @moonofsh

Kim Hyun-joong (김현중)

single inferno cast

Kim Hyun Joong was born in 1994 and work as model and fitness trainer. Other than that, he won third place in Mr. International Korea 2019 and runner up in Mr. Model Worldwide 2019. He join to find his true love in this Netflix show.

Instagram: @__1126.1

Kim Jun-sik (김준식)

single inferno cast

Kim Jun Sik was born in 1994 and work as a CEO and leader of a start up in healthy products. He love to exercise and have a good looking body.

Instagram: @juncore_

Oh Jin-taek (오진택)

single inferno cast

Oh Jin Taek was born in 1992 and work as CEO of Ascottage, a menswear clothing brand. The most attractive features of him is his beard, which makes him different and just sexy. He used to be a model for Musinsa.

Instagram: @timelessbruno

Choi Si-hun (최시훈)

single inferno cast

Choi Si Hun is born in 1992 and work as a model and actor. He’s a model for various products, cafes and goods. Other than that, he also has been in a ‘Romanced’ web drama.

Instagram: @choi_hun2

Seong Min-ji (성민지)

single inferno cast

Seong Min Ji was born in 1997 and work as model for make up, department stores and many other products. She actually looks calm and quiet yet very charming and determined on the other hand.

Instagram: @im_min.vely

Kim Su-min (김수민)

single inferno cast

Kim Su-min is actually a new comer of this Netflix show that was introduced in the fifth episode. She’s born in 1998 and work as a model for many film advertisement.

Instagram: @sumesume_

Cha Hyun-seung (차현승)

single inferno cast

Cha Hyun Seung is a dancer and model that was born in 1991. You might be familiar with him if you are also the fans of Sunmi as he is a backup dancer for Sunmi. He have a super handsome face and figure that just makes him really famous after his appearance in Single Inferno.

Instagram: @502bright
Youtube Channel: Cha hyun Seung 차현승TV

Same Quality As ‘Love Island’

single inferno cast

Single’s Inferno follows a similar format to CBS’s Love Island, where an unknown voice gives the contestants a challenge every day.

The winner of each challenge gets a certain perk to gain the upper hand at wooing their love interest. One contestant’s feelings for another might not be reciprocated or not exist the next day.

Netflix's Single's Inferno

Single’s Inferno premieres a new episode every Saturday on the streaming platform. The Korean reality show is available to stream on Netflix. Fans can watch the drama, teasing affection, and the contestants in a total of eight episodes.

Singles Inferno Cast!

single inferno cast

Here’s the list of the participants in Netflix Single’s Inferno (솔로지옥). Which one of them you like the most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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