5 Adulting Phase Learnt From Twenty Five Twenty One Kdramas!

twenty five twenty one adulting

In this article we will share to you the top 5 adulting phase learnt from twenty five twenty one korean dramas. Let’s dive right into this adulting phase!

1. Be Flexible, adapt with reality and keep going

twenty five twenty one adulting

Most of young people have a huge dream and high idealism when it comes to their desire and dreams. Our twenties is the age where we learn that reality is not always meet our expectations and so we need to learn to be flexible and adapt with reality.

Reality is full of surprise that in the dramas we saw Baek Yi Jin, fall of from being a rich son to a poor fella after his family bankrupt. Thus, he need to adapt with a 180 degree turn and adapt with the tough life he currently in.

On the other hand, Na Hee Do dream to be an athlete. Unfortunately, as many people can relate, she was being underestimated by her coach. We need to learnt to fight the uncertainty, insecurities and unbelief from the people next to us and keep fighting towards our dream.

2. Learnt the reason why people do what they do

twenty five twenty one adulting

In this dramas we learnt that every people hide something, pain that they never cope with and so creates certain behavior and character shown to us.

Na Hee Do understand that how her mother treat her, is because of that’s how she try to escape from her pain of being betrayed and left by her husband, Na Hee Do father. She acted that way to cope on the pain and move on from the painful reality.

3. The Best investment you can make is to find a good friend

twenty five twenty one adulting

The one best investment we can have in our twenties is to have a good influence around us, our friends, best friend who will always support us and fight together with us.

We saw how the twenty five twenty one korean dramas show the bonds of their friendship, even with various personality, they still able to complement one another. This is extremely important as this investment will be the base of what you will become in the future.

4. Learn about the reality of Love

twenty five twenty one adulting

Most of people below twenties usually have an unrealistic dream about their love life, most likely because of too much watching dramas and movies. However, in our twenties, we start realize that the reality of love life is so far away from the love life we saw in dramas.

Na Hee Do learnt this from her journey with Baek Yi Jin, how they must learn to accept and complement one another. We all learnt that real love life is not always as it felt in saturday night date. It is about fighting many tough circumstances without losing the fire in our hearts to one another.

5. 20's is time to find our identity

twenty five twenty one adulting

While most of us start dreaming high in this phase, this phase is also the time where we find our true identity and learn about who we really are and who we really want to become. It’s not just about great dream, but the cost we are willing to pay to reach the dream and whether we really want that dream or we just think we want it.

When Na Hee Do choose to be a professional athlete, it doesn’t came easily, she need to fight all uncertainty, insecurity, doubt and keep working hard without seeing any results. There’s huge price to pay, from her free time, resting time, and ignore negative comments from people around her.

Twenty Five Twenty One Adulting Phase

Here’s the top five adulting phase we learn from twenty five twenty one korean dramas. Have you ever watch this series? What you love most about this latest hits? Let us know in the comment sections belo!

twenty five twenty one adulting
twenty five twenty one adulting

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