Best Digital Business Card – 16 Cards To Makes You Stand Out!

Are you someone who spend a lot of time in front of computer? Do you have any problem with a poorly lit room while staying in front of computer for long hours? If the answer for these question is YES, then I believe these monitor light bar will be great companion and solutions to makes your life easier!

I write this article because personally I am also a tech guy, as a freelancer and trader, I spent a lot of time in front of computer, whether writing new content or just looking at the charts to execute my trade entry.

This is when light bar suddenly become essential! If you’ve experienced itching eyes or discomfort of poorly lit room which cause eye fatigue, then you will understand how important a light bar can be.

Without wasting anymore time, let’s take a look at the best monitor light bar available in the market today!

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Best Monitor Light Bar

Monitor light bar is  a small customizable LED lights that’s attached at the top of your monitor. These monitor light bar will help you creates a comfortable home working setups.







Best Digital Business Cards Reviews

List of the Best digital Business card based on Category:

  • Individuals: Blinq
  • Company: Popl
  • Customer Care: Mobilo
  • Diverse NFC Products: Linq
  • QR Code: Beaconstac
  • Solopreneur: HiHello
  • Networking: Camcard
  • Professionals: V1CE
  • Creatives: Canva
  • Tracking: Haystack

1. V1CE Digital Business Card

best digital business cards

V1CE Business Card offers a means of creating digital business cards without the need for an app or subscription. It has been designed with user experience and convenience in mind, providing users with black and white tones which are easy on the eyes and an intuitive design for creating digital cards.

Furthermore, users have the freedom and the benefit of being able to update their information in real-time. To top it off, V1CE also offers its customers a 30-day money-back guarantee as added assurance of satisfaction.

2. Knowee Digital Business Card

best digital business cards

Knowee offers a digital business card solution that is simple and straightforward to use, allowing you to add different fields of data onto your card.

In addition to a wide selection of card designs and a custom template for further customization, Knowee also specializes in analytics and metrics with their dashboard offering an overview of the total number of users, clicks, and views.

Security is also ensured with SSO login as well as URL masking, along with validation for new cards. Further on-demand customizations include CRM, email, and bulk creation capability is available for Enterprise plans.

3. Blinq Digital Business Card

best digital business cards

For a modern touch to your business connections, Blinq’s digital business cards are an excellent choice. QR codes on their app let you share the card quickly in person. Additionally, with their widgets and Apple Watch integration, Blinq makes it easy to show your contact info no matter the situation.

For larger businesses, they offer enterprise solutions such as single sign-on authentication and control over what employees can add. All these features make them an ideal choice for realtors, nonprofits, lawyers, and accountants who want to save paper by going digital.

4. HiHello Digital Business Card

best digital business cards

HiHello is a freemium app available on iOS and Android phones offer you a platform to create professional-looking digital business cards. You can create and customize your cards literally within minutes and share them easily via email, QR code, social media, links or NFC.

They offers great business card templates to help you start customize your own business card. Upgrade Premium subscription are available for larger companies who may require certain features like video or company-designed options for NFC cards.

5. L-Card

best digital business cards

The L-Card digital business card app stands out from the competition with its variety of templates and user-friendly interface.

Not only does the app offer simplicity when it comes to creating your business cards, but it also has an integrated business card scanner that makes it easy to quickly capture physical cards.

The calming black and white tones also make for a comfortable user experience!

6. Popl Digital Business Card

best digital business cards

Popl is an innovative way to create digital business cards–and also one of my favorite. This business card mixes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology with a printed sticker which you can attach to the back of your phone or other device.

With just one tap, you can share all of your contact information with single touch. No more paper business cards, no more guessing on how someone spells their name!

Popl’s NFC technology simplifies and speeds up the process of connecting with others, making it the ultimate choice for digital business cards.

Even if you are looking for digital business cards for your company, they offer custom stickers with your company logo, as well as cards, bands and badges. Popl’s landing page showcases all your company details, including videos, payments options, photos and links.

The Pro version also allows you to create two separate profiles – a social one and a business one – allowing you to easily switch from casual to professional networking events or vice versa.

7. V Card Plus QR Code Generator

best digital business cards

vCard Plus is one of the best digital business card that offers an efficient and smart intuitive user experience. Its elegant user interface allows you to easily personalize your card and match it with your brands.

Uniquely, it offers a QR code for people to easily scan it to get your contact instantly. It also has a bio space for you to add some description, and it’s call and email integration help people to contact you easily.

To make managing contacts easy, the app also organizes virtual business cards into folders and lists. vCard Plus app provides an easy solution for beginners and experienced professionals alike!

8. Beaconstac

best digital business cards

Beaconstac is one of the best digital business card solutions available in terms of efficiency. This company offers easy customization, a fast output process, shareability, and high security standard (SOC-2 Type 2 & GDPR Compliant), to make sure you can create a customized QR Code-based cards easily and securely.

Additionally, The bulk creation feature also lets you generate up to 2,000 digital business cards within a few minutes. If all of these features sound too good to be true, check out their free trial to see if Beaconstac is right for you before signing up!

You can also track the successes of your cards in real time and share them easily through email or a wallet app. Whether you’re a solopreneur or large business, Beaconstac’s digital business cards are an ideal choice for modernizing your networking and communication practices.

9. Mobilo

best digital business cards

If you’re looking for a digital business card that offers great features and customer service, Mobilo is the way to go. Not only do they offer a variety of NFC options, but their minimalistic landing page provides links to everything your contact requires (contact info, social media, payment methods, custom URLs, etc.).

Additionally, their Teams platform includes HR/CRM integration which allows you to manage employee information, as well as lead tracking and generation boards to convert leads. This feature makes this cards one of the best digital business cards for enterprise.

As an added benefit, you don’t need to pay subscription fee to keep using Mobilo, all you need to do is just buy any of their NFC product.

In conclusion, Mobilo offers fantastic features at a great price point which makes it one of the best digital business cards available on the market.

10. Cardcloud

best digital business cards

CardCloud is a popular digital business card provider that allows you to create an interactive contact profile with all of your information in one place.

It also enables you to keep your contacts up-to-date with any changes and to forward the contact profile directly from your phone or device.

You can manage several cards using this app, which helps when you have multiple roles or jobs, as well as create multiple card back designs to stay creative and unique.


11. Linq

best digital business cards

Linq has been a leader in the realm of digital business cards since the technology first became available. Not only does Linq offer custom products like contact cards, NFC tags, and even Apple Watch bands outfitted with their own NFC technology, but they also offer software meant to simplify contact management for larger companies.

Employees can customise their cards with company logos, links, videos and colours that are unique to each organisation. The app and products allow for quick and easy sharing using various methods such as text, email, QR codes and NFC technology.

Large organisations have the option of setting up templates which provide access to contact details which can be easily added or removed as employees change roles. Linq also allows for integration with CRM systems like Hubspot, Outlook, Gmail and Salesforce so that customer details can stay in one place.

On top of it, their amazing support team makes them ideal for businesses of all sizes who are looking to modernize their operations and save money out of printing machine, which end up makes them one of the best options when it comes to digital business cards.

12. Haystack

best digital business cards

Haystack is a digital business card app that boasts a wide range of simple yet powerful features. Create and share your Haystack business card with anyone or virtually over Zoom meetings.

This app allows you to design professional-looking digital cards and send them via a QR code. You can also use it as a marketing tool to share images, links, and product updates. Best of all, it’s free for individual users and has very affordable plans for businesses.

13. Kado Network

best digital business cards

Kado Network is an app designed for digital business cards, full of features that make it the best choice for networking online! Not only can you create and share digital cards with customized templates, it also comes with a convenient paper card scanner and also a QR code sharing mechanism.

Additionally, Kado Network syncs all of your contacts from any other outlets such as Gmail into one place which makes it organized.

Plus, it’s integrations with email and Linked In help you organize everything and easily accessed it all in one place.

All the features included make Kado Network incredibly user-friendly. You can enjoy this app’s for a very low price – as low as $4/month. This help ensures your growing business gets the contact management efficiency it needs!

14. CamCard

best digital business cards

CamCard is a great choice for those looking to share their own designed digital business cards. By simply scanning physical cards into the app, all contact information is automatically populated.

Furthermore, users can also exchange electronic cards with other contacts, as well as add some notes to remember some important details. You can use a free version of CamCard if you don’t mind seeing some ads. However, If you want a free ad plan, you need to pay around $46.99 per year.

15. SwitchIt

best digital business cards

SwitchIt is a digital business card app that lets you design, send, receive, and organize your cards conveniently. It even allows you to share your digital cards with those who don’t have the SwitchIt app installed.

Some of the great features it offers include some business card templates with contact info, photos, and videos; 8 different ways in which you can send them (e.g., email, text, twitter etc); reminders that sync to Google/Microsoft/Outlook calendars; SMART contact management system for calling/texting from the app; scanning of business cards and file uploads; and much more.

16. Canva

best digital business cards

Canva is a well known choice for those who love creativity and arts. This app offers tons selection of professional templates you can use for your business cards. With Canva you can customise your cards however you want, making it easy to include whatever information you choose.

You can also print out the designs for physical cards as well as upload them on popular card organisers like CamCard. You can use canva for free but if you want to access a premium graphic or template, you can just easily upgrade to premium plan where you can access all the pros design.

Benefits Using Best Digital Business Cards

best digital business cards

Digital business cards are the perfect way to keep your contact information up-to-date and make a great impression at networking events. Not only do digital business cards make it easy to provide potential clients with all your important contact information, but they also help you track and capture leads and connect with sales teams. 

If you’re planning on attending an event soon, don’t be ‘that person’ handing out physical business cards – get the latest, best digital business cards instead! This way, people will look up to you as a tech-savvy and very updated person in the room. 

best digital business cards

If those reasons are not enough, here are some additional benefits of using digital business cards:

  • Eco-friendly
    Paper is made from cellulose – trees being the main source of cellulose fibre (or woodpulp), by using digital business cards, you can help reduce the usage of real paper that came from wood.
  • Shareable
    You can’t share your business cards with the person on the other side and during physical meeting, you can still run out of business cards especially during large business events. With digital business cards, you can’t run out of cards anymore.
  • Organize
    Digital business cards help you to be more organize, all in one, you can put almost anything inside your digital cards.
  • Customizable 
    Whenever you feel bored and want to change the theme or picture of your business cards, you can always do it as often as you want.
  • Money Saver
    Save money out of printing machine by just using digital business card that you can always update real time.
  • Professional
    You will be much more professional and appeared tech savvy if you already use digital business cards in this digital era.

Best NFC Business Cards


NFC business cards are the perfect way to stand out from the crowd when exchanging contact information. These tech-infused business cards make it easy to store and exchange data with fellow contacts. All you have to do is tap your NFC card against an NFC-enabled device, and that’s it! The card’s information will be stored right into your contact list.

There are many potential uses for these cutting edge cards, from exchanging contact info to sharing links to websites or social media profiles, or even sending a pre-written message. Taking advantage of NFC technology signals to your connections that you’re on top of the latest trends and technologies. Invest in an NFC business card is good for your professional life and will make you stand out amongst the crowd in 2023.

Some popular NFC Business cards options are Popl, Linq, V1CE and Mobilo Card. All of cards with (NFC) technology allows us to exchange information between two devices when they are close. That way, you can keep all your contact info stored on one card while still reducing your paper use!

Sum Up

With the advancement of the technology in the world, we must adapt and be the first to adapt. Using the best digital business card can be a simple solution to strengthens our personal brands. I believe this simple card can help us stay ahead in our competition. 

Most of the traditional people still using the old physical paper business card, which is great, but it will be hard to update it and track the conversion rate of those physical paper business card.

With digital business card, you can easily organize, optimize, update and also track your business card sales performance. This will help us plan and execute accordingly based on the data you got. I wish this quick simple guide help you to choose the right and the best digital business cards for you and your business.

Let me know which one of these cards you love the most and why? Put your answer in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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