Best Makeovers in Kdrama: Transformation that Stole Our Hearts!

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

From haircuts and weight loss to stunning makeup skills, these best makeovers in kdrama leave many of us in awe.

Let’s take a look at some of the best transformation and makeovers in Kdrama history that have captured many hearts! Let’s go!

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Best Kdrama Makeovers

In many korean dramas, we often see how the main actors got bullied by friends and family because of bad appearance.

This eventually led to a wonderful life transformation that involve in amazing makeovers. Here are some best makeovers in Kdrama history.

1. She Was Pretty

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

She Was Pretty tells a story of an old classmate reunion between two friends who were once inseparable but lost contact over time. 

The one used to be beautiful and wealthy, yet after her family lose everything, she just embraces her natural hair and freckles later in life as she prioritizes comfort rather than adhering to societal beauty standards.

However, when they reunite after many years apart, she surprises everyone with a fresh makeover that astonishes everyone including her co-workers.

2. Business Proposal

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

In Business Proposal, the female lead undergoes a quirky makeover to transform herself into a high society lady from a wealthy family background. 

With changes in her hairstyle, fashion, and accessories, she step into her wealthy friend shoes for a blind date. 

Little does she know that her blind date turns out to be none other than her boss! 

This laugh-out-loud office romance showcases not just one but two couples whose chemistry delighted fans throughout the series.

3. Pinocchio

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

While we often witness girl-next-door characters getting glamorous makeovers in dramas, it is equally delightful when it happens with male leads too! 

In “Pinocchio,” the laid-back male protagonist surprises us all when his true potential shines through after shedding his casual style. 

With his striking looks and high intellect, he evolves from being the boy next door to serious model material.

4. Crash Landing On You

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

The hit KDrama “Crash Landing on You” not only enthralled us with its unique North-South Korea love story but also remarkable makeovers. 

When the female lead, a rich South Korean heiress, crash-lands in North Korea, she has to adapt to simplistic North Korean fashion trends. 

However, when they find themselves in South Korea later on, her rescuer accompanies her for shopping sprees. That’s when the stylish transformations take center stage. 

All of the friend squad also undergoes stunning makeovers that left quite an impression.

5. True Beauty

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Credit to asianwiki

Makeup has always had the power to transform appearances by hiding imperfections or enhancing natural beauty; this concept is brilliantly explored in “True Beauty.” 

In this webtoon based school dramas, the high school protagonist gains exceptional makeup skills and becomes a stunning beauty that turns heads wherever she goes. 

The twist comes when one of the hottest guys at school discovers her secret natural appearance and befriends her while keeping it under wraps. 

6. The Secret Life of My Secretary

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

This drama tells a story of someone who got fired without reasons after work faithfully for a boss who has face blindness.

When there’s opportunity, she manage to do make over and start working for him again hoping he wouldn’t realize who she was.

7. Dream High

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

IU transformation in Dream High is amazing. At first, IU act as an overweight and shy girl who often gets bullied.

She has amazing taalent in music, so she work hard to transform herself into a wonderful fairy.

8. Angry Mom

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Angyr Mom tells a story of a mother of bullied daughter transform herself into a gorgeous high school kids to protect her daughter.

9. Birth Of A Beauty

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Birth of a Beauty tells a story of someone who got betrayed by her husband and her in-laws whom she living with for seven years. 

Later on she got into accident and everyone thought she was dead. 

However, she came back after undergo a full transformation from weight loss to plastic surgery to get her revenge.

10. Oh My Venus

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Oh My Venus tells a story of a 33 year old lawyer got dumped by her boyfriend after 15 years old relationship. 

Reminiscing of her good old days as the most beautiful lady in school, she ask a personal trainer to help her lose weight.

11. The Last Empress

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

The Last Empress tells a story fo someone who undergoes a dramatic transformation after losing his mother and betrayed by his girlfriend.

12. Beautiful Gong Shim

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Beautiful Gong Shim tells a story of a 24-year-old woman that always be underestimated her whole life by her parents.

Her parents always compare her with her sister that have a better appearance.

13. Secret Garden

Best Makeovers in Kdrama

Secret Garden tells a story of arrogant and selfish CEO who meet a masculine stunt women who strive to be the best. He ended up fall in love with her and wish to date her. 

After continually rejecting him, she finally take a deeper look inside and realize she has a feeling towards him. 

She decides to transform herself to be a gorgeous women and come to an exclusive party hosted by him where they met and dance together. 

Sum Up

These dramas show how a change in appearance can boost a character’s confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you like the dramas or not, these make over inspired all of us to strive for the best both in our physical appearance, mental and spiritual.

Rather than got depressed by the bully, let’s use it as energy boost to transform ourselves into someone they’d never messed with.

Which one of these korean drama make overs you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Best Makeovers in Kdrama
Best Makeovers in Kdrama

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