Dermatologist in Korea – 10 Tourist Friendly Dermatology Clinics!

Dermatologist in Korea

Korea is prominent in the beauty industry, whether it is plastic surgery, hair care, skincare, fashion, or any niche related to beauty. Other than health, appearance is our greatest asset we need to maintain and improve. In this article, I will share the best dermatologist in Korea who offers English translation services. Let’s dig in!

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Dermatologist in Korea

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with skin problems. A dermatologist is a skin specialist doctor that will provides solution for any skin problem, whether it takes medicine or surgery. 

There are various treatments you can get at dermatology clinics in Korea. From acne treatment to facelifts, you can get any treatment you want.

However, the language barrier is the number one hindrance we must break to ensure we get the treatment and result we seek.

Here are some of the best English-speaking dermatologists in Korea you can visit while you travel.

1. Ever Skin Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Ever Skin Clinic is one of Seoul’s best English-speaking dermatology clinics.

They have many high technology equipment which will guarantee the best results.

Whether you come for acne care, botox, body sculpture, obesity reduction, or just general dermatology, you can count on them.

However, it is better to ask about the price of consultation before you start talking to one of their dermatologist.

2. Teng Teng Skin Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Credit to fromlusttilldawn

The Teng Teng Skin Clinic is a dermatology clinic aiming to mix art with clinical innovation.

They are committed to assisting and putting patient care first to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible while giving you the best ideal treatment.

These clinics offer various services, from min-fraxel, botox, fillers, laser tattoo removal, and weight loss medication to Ellipse Fotofacial.

3. Oracle Dermatology Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Oracle Medical Group is the largest healthcare group in Asia, with most clinics located in South Korea.

From facial injections to cosmetic surgery, they have multiple ways to improve your beauty and ensure your satisfaction.

4. Toxnfill

Dermatologist in Korea

ToxNFill is a dermatology clinic in Seoul that offers online consultations if you can’t attend the clinic.

All you need to do is to upload pictures of your skin then you will receive an online diagnosis and treatment plan from your dermatologist.

They have various dermatology services, from laser lifting, botox, filler, skin rejuvenation, and other complex treatments.

5. Dream Dermatology And Laser Center

Dermatologist in Korea

Credit to 10mag

Dream Dermatology and Laser Center is one of the best laser centers in South Korea. All dermatologists working here are fluent in English and very professional.

You can choose any treatment you need, from Crystal peels, tattoo removals, and skin resurfacing to hair removals.

6. Modelo Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Credit to myguideseoul

When it comes to Botox and fillers, Modelo is one of the best. In addition, Modello has various skin treatments, from sores, skin flaws, and skin brightening to Baby filler and 3d lifting filler.

7. Me Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

ME Cosmetic Clinic is one of the best plastic surgery clinics you can find. They’re known for a reasonable price with high-quality service that focuses on the procedures to keep it simple and practical.

In addition, they have tons of experience with anti-aging medicine, fat reduction, laser lifting, scalp treatment, and whitening.

8. Santa Hong Dermatology Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Santa Hong Dermatology Clinic in Gangnam is well known for its ability to provide specific beauty solutions based on each patient’s need.

From facelifts to Anti-aging, this clinic will help you reach your beauty goals as you stroll around the wealthiest districts in Seoul.

9. Amoa Skin Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Amoa skin clinic is another government-approved dermatology clinic in the Gangnam area.

In addition to being fluent in English, this clinic also can conduct consultations in Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, and Spanish.

They have a wide range of services from Non-surgical lifting, botox, and filler to stem cell therapy.

10. Renew me Clinic

Dermatologist in Korea

Credit to 10mag

Renewme dermatology clinic has several branches throughout South Korea, from Seoul, Gyeonggi region, and Busan metropolitan city.

They have the latest cutting-edge medical equipment like double gold and Vbeam Perfecta, which give a great result when tightening skin pores and reducing fat in stubborn areas.

In addition, they also offer another interpretation service in Mandarin and Indonesian language other than English.

If you are too busy to come in person, you can consult with them via email, phone, or messenger apps.

Sum Up

There are unlimited services and products we can get when it comes to beauty, skincare, and dermatologist in Korea.

Here are all the best dermatology clinics in Korea I can share with all of you, and I hope it’s helpful!

Which one of these dermatology clinics do you want to visit as you travel to Korea later on? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Dermatologist in Korea
Dermatologist in Korea

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