Korean Beauty Standards – 12 Ideal Looks Of Beautiful Women!

Korean Beauty Standards

South Korea is well known for it’s high beauty standards, that’s why you can see a lot of attractive men and women in Korea. Most of women usually do some type of surgery as they get into their 17th to help them reach the strict korean beauty standards and meet social expectations.

This high beauty standards have both pros and cons, positive and negative side in korean society. 

On the positive side, most korean try to always look and be their best, while on the negative side, it can be depressing especially if you are far below the minimum requirements. 

In this article, I will share the ideal looks of beautiful women based on Korean beauty standards. Let’s dive right into these ideal beauty standards.

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Korean Beauty Standards

In summary, here are the ideal looks in Korean beauty standards for facial appearance.

  • Eyebrow: high straight eyebrows with some distance between the brows and the eyes.
  • Forehead: full and round head.
  • Head: Small and tiny head with 1:8 ratios.
  • Eyelid: double eyelid.
  • Nose: Medium High pointed nose
  • Jaw: V-shaped jaw.
  • Cheek: round full chubby cheeks

Korean Ideal Looks

Let’s take a look deeper at the ideal looks based on Korean beauty standards on all body parts. 

1. Straight Symmetrical Shoulder

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to Koreaboo

Jennie Blankpink is great example for someone who have a straight shoulder, or a 90 degree shoulder line. No wonder she often spotted wearing off-shoulder and sleeveless tops, since shoulder is one of her best features.

2. White Flawless Glowing Skin

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to Taeyeonss

This is what makes western and korean beauty standards differ. Most western loves to have tan skin, thus most of them go to the beach to get burn and tan. For the west, brown is sexy, while for korean, it’s dirty.

Previously, tan skin tone used to be an indicator of being a lower class people, because historically, lower class will go to the farm or do a labour jobs outdoors which cause them to having a tan skin.

The more flawless, glowing, white and clean your skin, the better. This standards rooted for hundreds of years since the ancient korean. I think most Asian country will also favor the spotless white skin rather than brown / tan skin. 

That’s why you can also find many koreans using sunscreen as a part of their daily beauty rituals, because they want to prevent their skin from getting burn.

3. V-shaped Face

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to SOOMPI

Having a V-shaped face is a must if you want to fit the korean beauty standards. Small V-shaped face with a pointy chin is a perfect, ideal looks among koreans. 

Thus you can find a lot of women undergo a facial bone surgery to achieve this looks. Other than surgery, you can also use chin straps, massaging roles and jawline sheet mask to help you get your desired face shape.

This special small V shaped face projects beauty and makes everyone with this shape looks younger.

4. Sharp Cheekbones

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to Koreaboo

Sharp cheekbones are considered one of the most desirable facial features because it creates a more youthful and feminine appearance. In addition, it complements V-Shaped perfectly.

5. White and Aligned Teeth

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to Koreaboo

Clean white, straight and aligned teeth is a great plus in terms of beauty, because it just creates a perfect smile and projects good dental hygiene. 

That’s why many korean wore braces since their youth. If you have a crooked or yellow teeth, then you can undergo dental treatments like teeth whitening, veeners or lasers.

6. Straight Eyebrows

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to PIBUU

High straigtht eyebrow is a great features to help you create a cute and innocent looks. The best part is that you don’t need to do any surgery to get this features, just draw it.

7. Big Round Eyes

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to PANN

I think both western and easterns agree that big round eyes is very important to fit the beauty standards all over the world. If you posses a big round eyes with  double eyelids, then you’re perfectly fit the korean beauty standards. 

Big round eyes is just creates a cute innocent and youthful looks, perfect for ‘aegyo’ expression which is really attractive for most people.

8. Double Eyelids

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to Instiz

Double eyelids is most Korean women’s favourite, they even usually done the surgery as soon as they turn 17th, if they didn’t born with it. This is a very common surgery that most women do.

It is for good reasons, with one surgery alone, it helps creates an illusion of a bigger eyes, innocent and cute looks.

9. Sharp Pointed High Nose Bridges

Korean Beauty Standards

Sharp pointed high bridges nose is a great feature that will make you looks elegant and appealing. You can achieve this features through surgery like rhinoplasty / nose fillers. If you have a big wide face, then big size nose might be appropriate, yet for most women, small size is much better.

10. Plump Lips

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to witapp

Having plump or heart-shaped lips is considered adorable in korean beauty standards. If you have plumper lower lip than the upper one with the line face upward, then you have plump lips.

Most koreans must go through a lip fillers to get this shape. If you prefer to use make ups, then you can use different shades of lip tints with a lip gloss to creates that illusion.

11. Slim Figure

Having a slim figures is one great features that will add points to your beauty in Korea. That’s why you can find a lot of korean diet, IU diet, or exercise routine to help reach this figures.

The good part about this beauty standard is that Korea became one of the lowest obesity rate country in the world. The bad part is that some people force themselves to get this figure which end up makes them having eating disorder and other health problem

12. Long and Slim Legs

Korean Beauty Standards

Credit to QUORA

If your legs longer than your upper body, then you are considered beautiful based on korean beauty standards. 

For korean women, it is more preferable if they have long legs up to 110 centimetres. Since most korean are short, being tall gives you an edge and makes you stand out.

Sum Up

There are no limit to beauty and here are the top ideal looks based on korean beauty standards. While I believe these are not the only standards out there, but generally these are the things that matters in our society.

However, if you are not meet these standards, you don’t need to be insecure. Recently there are some kpop idols and some youth that try to change this chains of strict beauty standards and just be themselves. 

Always love and embrace your own unique features whether the society approves it or refuse it. Don’t try to fit in the society and do all kinds of weird things just to get approval from other people. Culture change, people change, and korean beauty standards will also change time to time.

Alright, I wish this article give you a little bit more information about korean beauty standards and what it takes to be considered as ‘beauty’ in Korea. What you think about these standards? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Korean Beauty Standards
Korean Beauty Standards

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