11 Best Cherry Blossom Spot In Daegu!

In this article we will share to you the 11 Best Cherry blossom spot in Daegu Metropolitan city, the third largest urban city in South Korea after Seoul and Busan.

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Daegu is not really famous as travel destinations among tourist in Korea, however, if you are working or stay in Daegu, there’s some beautiful place you can go to enjoy cherry blossom without going to another city. Here are some of them we will share to you, let’s dig in.

1. Chimsanjeong Pavilion

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This stair is really famous among people who plan to having a cherry blossom shot in Daegu areas, especially when the cherry blossom start to falls down as you walk the stairs, it felt like walk down the aisle. 

Credit to @mongle_jyh

Other than that, if you plan to visit during the night, you can also go up and enjoy to see the full moon from the pavilion.

2. Kkotbora Flower Garden

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Kkotbora Garden as known as Kkotbora cherry blossom flower garden is a place where you can enjoy the cherry blossom bloom as spenlid as can be. This is the place where you can ride a bike and enjoy the cherry blossom vibes during spring seasons in Daegu. This road is also known as ‘love confession road’ for it’s romantic vibes.

3. Ayang Bridge Trail

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This picture is the Cherry Blossom path all the way to the Ayang Bridge. If you love to enjoy a slow-serene windy day surround by cherry blossoms and nature all around, then you might love to walk this Cherry Blossom path.

4. Suseong lake

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Another long trail you can enjoy in Daegu, this is a great place that goes all along the serene suseong lake, famous among locals who love to enjoy the slow breeze walk exercise. Other than that, this path is surrounded by tons of cute cafes, coffees and brunch spot.

5. E-World

Credit to @mongle_jyh

E-World is one of the most famous destinations for cherry blossom spot in Daegu during spring season. This theme parks change into a really romantic place where you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom as you play around with your loved ones.

To get a better experience, you can also try the cable car to get a higher views of the whole theme parks that was just filled with cherry blossoms.

Opening Hours: check it here.
Admission: 26,000 won and up

6. Dalchangji Cherry Blossom Road

Credit to @mongle_jyh

This is another place where you can enjoy the cherry blossom road in Daegu. If you don’t want to walk, you can just drive and pass by as you enjot the beautiful cherry blossom all around you.

7. Palgongsan Cherry Blossom Road

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Palgongsan Cherry blossom road is one of the most popular drive course in Daegu during cherry blossom seasons. As you can see this road offers you a long tracks filled with cherry blossoms line up on all the sideroad.

8. Kyungpook National University

Credit to wikimedia

While you might never consider to visit university as you plan to see the cherry blossoms spot, actually Kyungpook National University is a great place to enjoy it. The university that was known for it’s huge collection of books offers you a stunning landscape of cherry blossom road.

9. Keimyung University

Credit to koreabridge

Keimyung University is another college that offers you a beautiful cherry blossom spot during spring season in korea. Keimyung University often featured on some kdrama.

During spring seasons, the street along Dongsan Library to Shattuck Hall suddenly transform into a really romantic cherry blossom road.

10. Duryu Park

Credit to wikimedia

Duryu Park is a beautiful place where locals usually having some short picnic with snacks. During spring seasons, Duryu Park was filled with rapeseed and cherry blossoms bloom all around which creates such a mesmerizing views and romantic vibes.

11. Apsan Park

Credit to visitdaegu

Apsan Park is an eco park in Daegu which offers you lots of valleys and walking trail to enjoy the cherry blossom. More than that, you can also enjoy the view from the cable car.

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