New Upcoming Korean Dramas in December 2023!

Looking for the latest Korean dramas that is coming out in December 2023?

I’ve compiled some of the best upcoming Korean dramas in this last month of 2023.

Let’s take a look at these kdrama!

Table of Contents

1. Sweet Home Season 2

Sweet Home season 2 continues the story of people that live in the Green Home apartments against monsters.

In this saga, they develop a community and plan to move out of their houses together into the outside world filled with monsters.

Main Cast:

  • Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo
  • Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon Sang Wook
  • Lee Si Young as Seo Yi Kyung

2. Welcome to Samdalri

Welcome to Samdalri tells a story of a weather forecaster who come back to his village.

In this village, he reunite with his childhood friends, a successful fashion designer who return after failed at her career.

As they reunite, they develop chemistry and feeling towards each other.

Main Cast:

  • Ji Chang Wook as Cho Yong Pil
  • Shin Hye Sun as Cho Sam Dal/Cho Eun Hye
  • Shin Dong Mi as Cho Jin Dal

3. Overlap Knife, Knife

Overlap Knife, Knife tells a story about two individuals who try their best to protect their loved ones ended up traveling back through time.

They met and embark into a remarkable journey together.

4. Night Has Come

Night Has Come tells a story of a group of high school students forced to play a dangerous real-life version of mafia game during a class retreat. 

This drama show a psychological warfare as they try to survive the deadly game while trying to find the mysterious killer.

5. Soundtrack #2

Soundtrack #2 is a romance Korean dramas continuing the Soundtrack #1, tells a story about ex-couple that meets again by chance. 

Now, the man has become very wealthy and successful, could they get back together this time?

6. Maestra: Strings of Truth

Maestra Strings of Truth tells a story of a conductor of an orchestra with a dark secret suddenly got into a mysterious incidents that occur in her orchestra.

As she dive deeper into the incidents, she found the truth that surprise her.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Young Ae as Cha Se Eum
  • Lee Moo Saeng as Yoo Jeong Jae
  • Hwang Bo Reum Byeol as Lee Roo Na

7. Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature tells a story of a wealthy man who is great at finding missing people, go to Gyeongsseong to solve a series of mysterious missing person in the area.

As he try to find the truth, he found a shocking reality.

Main Cast:

  • Park Seo Joon as Jang Tae Sang
  • Han So Hee as Yun Chae Ok
  • Kim Su Hyun as Maeda

8. Snap and Spark

Credit to Mydramalist

Snap and Spark tells a story of Korea Arts High School students.

In this high school, social media likes determine everything, from acceptance, popularity and also rank in social hierarchy. 

The top influencer in this school is a women who always get everything she wanted, yet she can’t grab the heart of her male friend.

9. My Happy End

My Happy End tells a story of a women with difficult childhood working hard to reach her dreams and desire.

As she got drown into her desire and obsession, she drag her husband into it.

Main Cast:

  • Jang Na Ra as Seo Jae Won
  • Son Ho Jun as Heo Soon Young
  • So Yi Hyun as Kwon Yun Jin

10. Like Flowers in Sand

Flowers Bloom Even in the Sand tells a story of youths struggling to reach their dreams on the Traditional Korean Wrestling sports industry.

This drama shows how they do their best for their dream career, while trying to keep their sanity through the ups and downs of young love life.

11. Death’s Game

Death’s Game tells a story of a man who always failed to get a decent job.

Desperate for his life, he decide to end his misery by committed suicide.

After he died, he face the ‘Death’, who is standing in front of the gate of Hell.

He got punish to experience 12 more death through different body before going to hell.

If he want to avoid hell, he must going on and survive.

Main Cast:

  • Seo In Guk as Choi Yi Jae
  • Park So Dam as Death
  • Go Youn Jung as Jung Ji Soo

12. My Man Is Cupid

My Man Is Cupid tells a story of a fairy with tragic past undergo 27 transformations to get back his wings.

On his 28th change, he encounter a beautiful veterinarian cursed with a streak of ill-fated loves.

13. Between Him and Her

Between Him and Her is a realistic webtoon Korean drama that tells a story of a long term couples who struggle to reach their dreams.

These are my list of the latest upcoming Korean dramas in December 2023.

Which Kdramas you would love to watch the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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