9 New Kdramas To Watch In March 2022!

kdrama march 2022

In this article we will share to you 9 new kdramas to watch in march 2022. If you are a korean drama lovers, then you want to make sure to read this article until the end so you can add some of it to your kdrama watch list in March 2022.

Some of these dramas was actually listed on last month article of upcoming dramas in February, yet due to uprising covid19, some of them ended up delayed the scheduled to March. Let’s dive right to it. 

1. Military Prosecutor Doberman


Military Prosecutor Doberman korean drama, just as the name suggest, is a military action dramas that tells a story of Do Bae Man and Cha Woo In.

Do Bae Man is a good person who became a military prosecutor for success and money, while Cha Woo In came from a wealthy family, yet became military prosecutor to seek revenge. Together they cooperate and learn about the corruption inside the military and overcome the difficulty together.

Main Cast:

  • Ahn Bo Hyun as Do Bae Man
  • Jo Bo Ah as Cha Woo In
  • Oh Yeon Su as No Hwa Young

Korean title: 군검사 도베르만
Genre: Military, action
Airs on Feb 28th

2. Crazy Love


Crazy Love is a korean dramas that tells a story of someone who pretend to lose his memories after got death sentence from someone.

The dramas revolves around the life of Noh Go Jin, a successful math teacher who received a death sentence and start living in fear knowing he will die at anytime soon. He wish by pretending he got amnesia will somehow cancel the death sentence.

On the other hand, Lee Shin ah is Go Jin’s secretary, a young women that was left with only a limited time to live, even though she lives a good life as honest person and work hard.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Jae Wook as Noh Go Jin
  • Krystal Jung as Lee Shin Ah
  • Yoo In Young as Baek Soo Young

Aired on Mar 7th

3. Kill Heel


Kill Heel is a korean dramas that shows us the real competition of three ambitious women in a shopping industry world. Each one of them strive to outperform one another and win the competition in the sales department. Both of them have strong desire to achieve success in the home shopping industry.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Ha-Neul as Woo-Hyun
  • Lee Hye-Young as Mo-Lan
  • Kim Sung-Ryoung as Ok-Sun
  • Kim Jae-Chul as Hyun-Wook

Korean title: 킬힐
Genre: Drama;
Airs on
Mar 9th

4. A Superior Day


Superior Day is actually a webtoon based korean drama that tells a thriller story of an ordinary person whose life just got a huge surprise once find out that his daughter was kidnapped by a hired assassin in order to force him to kill a professional serial killer that lives next door to him. 

This dramas follows the life of three characted, Lee Ho Cheol, Kwon Shi Woo and Bae Tae Jin. Ho Cheol is a good father who work as a firefigher. Shi woo, is a serial killer who’s famous all over the nation and Tae Jin is a hired assassin who kidnap Ho Cheol’s daughter in order to force Ho Cheol to kill Shi Woo within 24 hour.

If you love to see wildlife jungle kind of movie, in which only the supreme and most powerful wins, then this might be for you.

Main Cast:

  • Jin Goo as Lee Ho Cheol
  • Ha Do Gwon as Bae Tae Jin
  • Lee Won Keun as Kwon Shi Woo
  • Kim Do Hyun as Seo Dong Joo

Korean title: 우월한 하루
Airs on
Mar 13th

5. The King Of Pigs


The Kings of pigs is a korean drama that really resonates with us. This dramas tells a story of two person who were victim of bullied and violence twenty years ago when they’re a kid. Now as they grew, they have one mission in which to punish evil. However, one end up became a serial killer and one became a police officer.

This kdrama revolves around Three Characters, Hwang Kyung Min, Jung Jong Suk and Kang Jin A. Hwang Kyung Min is someone who was bullied 20 years ago that appeared to be a happy normal person who enjoy life with his family.

Jung Jong Suk was also a victim of bullied 20 years ago who now work as a detective that receive the mysterious message from his old friend. Together with Kang Jin A, a charismatic and passionate detective, they try to find out the message in order to stop more murders.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Dong Wook as Hwang Kyung Min
  • Kim Sung Gyu as Jung Jong Seok
  • Chae Jung An as Kang Jin Ah
  • Hwang Man Ik as Park Sung Jin

Aired on Mar 18th

6. Why Her?


Why Her is one of the must wathch korean dramas in this first quarter of 2022, for reasons of the legal genre kdramas and outstanding chemistry between Hwang In Yeop and Seo Hyun JIn.

This legal drama revolves around the life of Oh Soo Jae and Gong Chan. Soo Jae is someone who was forced to work as professor despite being the best lawyer at the finest law firm in Korea. Gong Chan is a protagonist with a painful past. Together they overcome life difficulties and learn more about themselves.

Main Cast:

  • Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Soo Jae
  • Hwang In Yeop as Gong Chan
  • Bae In Hyuk as Choi Yoon Sang
  • Heo Joon Ho as Choi Tae Gook

Korean title: 왜 오수재인가
Melodrama, romance
Airs on
Mar 18th

7. Pachinko


Pachinko is a Lee Min ho comeback dramas in 2022, tells a story of the hopes and dreams of korean family who moves to Japan in period of the country’s occupation of a then-unified Korea and their involvement in World War II.

This drama relvolves around the life of Kim Sun-Ja, a Busan girl who fell in love with Koh Han Su. She was already pregnant when she find out that Koh Han Su was already married to someone else. 

Devastated by her situation, a church priest came and safe her life by marrying her. She and her husband, Baek Isak move to Japan and give birth to her child there. Living in Japan during that period of time was no joke, they need to overcome the discrimination, racist and struggles.

Main Cast:

  • Lee Min-ho as Koh Hansu
  • Youn Yuh-jung as Sunja
  • Jin Ha as Solomon Baek
  • Anna Sawai as Naomi

Korean title: 파친코
Airs on
Mar 25th

8. Tomorrow


Tomorrow is a story of Joon Woong who meet grim reapers that have a unique and total opposite mission with what we learn and used to know about grim reapers. This grim reapers are sent to prevent suicide and save life rather than take someone’s life.

Joon Woong is an ordinary youth and fresh graduates who struggles in life to find a job he need after his graduation. He met Goo Ryun and im Ryung Goo, two grim reapers on misison to prevent suicide. Joon Woong ended up joining the team to save life.

Main Cast:

  • Kim Hee Sun as Goo Ryun
  • Rowoon as Choi Joon Woong
  • Lee Soo Hyuk as Park Joong Gil
  • Yoon Ji On as Im Ryung Goo

Korean title: 내일
Genre: Fantasy, action
Airs on
Mar 25th

9. Soundtrack #1


This korean dramas is a romance family dramas revolves around two close friends that begin to live together for two weeks, after knowing each other for 20 years. Sun Woo is a rookie photogrpaher and Eun Soo is a lyricist, once they live together, they start develop feelings to each other and their relationship bloom.

Main Cast:

  • Han So Hee as Seo Eun Soo
  • Park Hyung Sik as Han Sun Woo

Korean title: 사운드트랙 #1
Genre: Romance
Aired on

Korean dramas March 2022!

Here’s all the korean dramas to add to your watchlist in March 2022. Which one of these korean dramas you excited the most? let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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