All You Need To Know About Traditional Korean Face Reading!

korean face reading

Have you ever heard about Korean face reading?

In this article, I will give you a quick explanation about the ancient traditional Korean face reading, so you won’t be surprised when you see one later on!

Let’s take a deeper look at Korean face reading!

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Korean Face Reading

korean face reading

Credit to Best of Korea

In Korea, Korean face reading is known as Gwangsangwhich refer to the art of reading every contour, line and features in our face.

Ancient Korean believe that every feature in our face write a story for those who can read it, which is also the foundation of Korean fortune telling known as Saju.

Anyway, our face features, just like our palm features, actually tells more about our health than destiny or personality.

However, ancient Korean think of our face features like a map, where they can guide you through every step of life by seeing your face line.

How Korean read facial lines

korean face reading

Credit to Best of Korea

As previously mentioned, Korean see our face as a map.

Every facial features reflect worldly elements like mountain, rocks, animals, etc.

Example, our two eyes symbolize the sun and the moon, while nose and forehead related to mountains.

All of our facial features relates to our wealth, fortune and relationship in the past, present and future.

Korean believe that the line in our forehead tells us about our social status and reputation.

Gwansang is Real?

Just like any other prophecy or prediction, we should never believe this type of ancient myth 100%.

It’s better to learn about yourself from your own experience and psychology.

Take Korean face reading as the confirmation if it is align with what you think about yourself.

Anyway, if you want are curious about your career, health or relationship and just want to have fun, you can try Korean face reading.

Modern Koreans belief about Korean Face Reading

Modern Korean, especially youth, really hungry in personal growth areas, so they think of gwansang as a tool for self-improvement and discovery.

Small percentage of people actually go further and get plastic surgery based on Gwansang reader advice.

How to unlock your destiny by embracing Gwansang

Gwansang or Korean face reading is a cultural ancient way to help us guide our life in a better direction.

While we now have a better technology and psychology, we can embrace Korean face reading as one of the unique culture in South Korea.

Just remember to not judge people based on their facial expression, because most of the time our judgement will fail and we misjudge a person.

Anyway, even if a Korean face reader talk right about your personality and history, you should know that this things can be change as you grow your mindset and attitude, thus change your overall destiny.

That’s all I can share about Korean face reading!

How do you think about Gwansang? Are you interested to try?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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