12 Korean Idol That Are Really Bad At Taking Selfies!

korean idol bad selfie

In this article we will share to you the top 12 korean idol that are really bad at taking their own selfie to fulfill fans request or just to share on their social media.

While Idols are well known for their appearance and style, some beautiful and handsome korean idol actually don’t really good, if not worse at taking picture, namely selfie. Let’s see who’s on the list of the worst selfie taker korean idols.

Ju Ji Hoon

korean idol bad selfie

Ju Ji Hoon is a really handsome actor who always amaze his fans with his dark lighting, bad angels as well as bad selfie, meaning bad expression and not focus. This creates such a mysterious and confusing feeling to his fans.

SHINee Taemin

korean idol bad selfie

While SHINee Taemin picture is really cute and authentic, without make up, yet he really loves to post a blurry pictures of himself which makes him become one of the worst selfie taker korean idol

Son Ho Joon

korean idol bad selfie

Son Ho Joon is always have a weird expression in his selfie, other than that, his photo are overexposure which is really uncomfortable for the eyes. His great fashion style didn’t really help this issues of his selfie.

Yoo Seung Ho

korean idol bad selfie

Yoo Seung Ho recently created a new Instagram account, and post his selfie really bad, as if it is not really intentional, false angle and expression but still melt the heart of his fans..


korean idol bad selfie

Shownu Fans already get used to his ‘dark shadow’ covering his face type of selfie. Maybe he wants to look even more mysterious or deep, yet still super cute and handsome to see.

Kim Soo-hyun

korean idol bad selfie

Kim Soo-hyun is well known for taking selfies in weird angles, which ended up in creating weird selfies, and more often, blurred. However, his cuteness help him through this bad angle.

BTOB Changsub

korean idol bad selfie

Changsub of BTOB really match his persona as he is well known to be fun and confident. He never disappoint his fans with his funny pictures. However, if we compare this and talk from ‘standart’ selfie, then this selfie angle and over zoom is a big No and bad angle.

Yoon Se Ah

korean idol bad selfie

While Yoon Se Ah is known for her beauty face and voice, her angles for taking selfie is out of her well known beauty persona. This creates a confusion as fans wish to see the elegant Yoon Se Ah. However, she still super beautiful even though with a bad angle and weird expression.

EXO Sehun

korean idol bad selfie

Sehun is EXO’s youngest member that having trouble at taking a good selfie, as he often use weird angle and cover half of his face when he shared his selfie.

TVXQ Changmin

korean idol bad selfie

Changmin’s selfie technique is to over close up or super zoom which might be bad from a ‘selfie’ standart standpoint. Yet he always succeed in making fans laugh for this funny over zoom picture and still melt for his charm.

Kang So-ra

korean idol bad selfie

Kang So-ra is one of the most confident Korean Idol that often taking selfies without really consider the angle and the lighting. She often post a selfie with weird angle that ended up cause a shadow on her face. However, her beauty safe her through all this ‘selfie mistake’.

Kim Yoo Jung

korean idol bad selfie

Kim Yoo Jung is a Korean Idol that has been well known for her beautiful big round eyes and appearance. However, when it comes to selfie, she often use a super weird angle that makes her selfie have a shadow covering his face and over exposure at the background.

Korean Idol Bad Selfies

Here’s the list of Korean idol with their bad selfies skills we can share to you today. However, all of them are super cute and super handsome even though taken from a weird angle or super zoom pictures. Which one of them do you think is the worse selfie taker? Let us know in the comment section below!

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