Best Korean Street Fashion and Korean Streetwear Brands To Try!

korean street fashion

In recent years, Korean street fashion has taken the world by storm, with K-Pop stars like BTS and Blackpink wearing them onstage, in their music videos, and many western fashion bloggers join in and try out this trend. Start from Seoul to New York City and beyond, Korean street fashion has been infiltrating the fashion world with its signature urban flair and bold aesthetic. 

In this article, we’ll be exploring all you need to know about the unique style of Korean streetwear that caught everyone’s attention, including the trends, styles and Korean streetwear brands to watch out and try in 2023. So join us on our journey as we uncover why Korean street fashion is so popular with the younger generations!

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Korean Street Fashion

korean street fashion

Credit to @ADLV

Korea has always been a leading force in terms of beauty and fashion. Most of the best fashion trends came from the capital city of Korea, make it’s way up to all over the world. Korean street fashion has become so popular that even celebrities and style bloggers alike start join the latest looks.

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the curve and know more about Korean street fashion, here’s everything you need to know. From standout trends and iconic brands to shop your Korean streetwear, we’ve got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in!

Korean Streetwear Fashion Trends

In general, korean streetwear fashion trends can be categorised into this 6 simple category.

  • Hongdae Fashion
    This korean streetwear fashion trends came from the famous student packed areas Hongik University. Hongdae is known for it’s night clubs and youth vibes, thus the style is usually tough, rebel, artsy and vibrant color with an oversized type of clothing. 
  • High Teen Looks
    High teen looks korean streetwear fashion trends actually refers to high school student transition to adult movies like princess diaries and clueless. The outfits of the high school students in those movies have inspired the high teen look in South Korea.
  • Ewha Street Looks
    This korean streetwear fashion trends is also inspired by the famous Ewha Women’s University. This college is a women specialized university, so you can guess that the style can be best described as a schoolgirl chic look with a soft and elegant pastel color.
  • Granny Looks
    This korean streetwear fashion trends one might be your option if you love vintage stuff. In contrast of the high teen looks that we just share above, this granny look is much more vintage and actually inspired from halmoni fashion. 
  • Athletic Looks
    Lately sports gym fashion rose to popularity especially after the pandemic hits as people from the youngest age start value the importance of exercising. Sportswear korean streetwear fashion trends such as leggings, sports bras, and running shoes has just became a casual daily outfit.
  • Vintage Retro Looks
    This korean streetwear fashion trends is a style based from the past, the retro and vintage korean. You can easily recognize this trends from it’s baggy silhouettes and bold color outfit.

Korean Streetwear Outfit Ideas

You might’ve been notice that lately South Korea has become a powerhouse when it comes to streetwear culture. Here are some of the most popular streetwear trends in Korea.

1. Modern Hanbok

korean street fashion

Credit to @Leslee

If you want a true authentic korean taste in your Korean streetwear choice, then you can get nothing better than this modern hanbok. Everyone knows that hanbok is the national attire of South Korean people, but the traditional hanbok is impossible to use as our daily Korean street fashion.

Thanks to many great designers to make this possible, there are now a lot of modern style hanbok that you can use in your daily life. Currently, there’s even a company dedicated to creating modern hanbok-inspired outfits as more youth got interested in this fashion. 

2. Layered Collar Shirt

korean street fashion

Layered Collar Shirt is undoubtly one of the best korean street fashion ideas you can try during many occasions. This korean streetwear is very simple and yet give a sophisticated hip looks. Mix and match it with your favorite perfect fit sweater and shorts to make it even more unique.

3. Oversized Hoodies

winter fashion in korea

Oversized hoodies are always a popular choice of korean stret fashion among youth especially in Seoul. You can try it on yourself and get used to oversized hoodies. This hoodies come in many design and colors which will help you keep stylish, warm and comfortable through out your day.

4. Baggy Jeans

winter fashion in korea

Baggy jeans is one of the most interesting korean street fashion style you need to have, as it makes you look fashionable and still comfortable at the same time. You can easily paired this korean streetwear outfit with any pair of jeans, shirt or jacket and it will just blend perfectly. What’s best is that this korean streetwear outfit can be wear among all seasons in korea.

5. Ripped Pants

korean street fashion

Ripped pants is another great choice for your korean street fashion, especially if you want to be stand out and seen as rebels and free. This pants can also easily mix with any outfit you love, which makes it one of the most favourite korean street fashion among youth in korea. If you are a dancer, or street performer, this ripped pants definitely add more charm to your performance.

6. Wide Pants

fall outfits korea

Credit to @firstlove_rose

Wide pants is always looks good and never failed to grab people’s attention, so this outfit is also good option for your korean street fashion ideas. Choose the wide pants that match with your height and body shape and match it with loose cardigan for the best effect.

7. Sweatpants

winter fashion in korea

Sweatpants is another korean street fashion ideas you can try as you  go out with their friends during cold weather in Korea. This outfit is quiet good option because it is really easy to match sweatpants with many tops such as hoodies, pullovers, vest or button up shirts and bomber jackets. This just make things simple and stylish at the same time.

8. Vintage Sweatshirts

winter fashion in korea

While sweatshirts are a great popular streetwear option all over the world, what’s different with korea streetwear sweatshirt is in the design. Most of the sweatshirt you can find in Korea street fashion is a vintage color with big printed letter or pattern to give an additional vintage vibes.

9. Turtle Neck Sweater

winter fashion in korea

Turtle neck sweaters is one of the must wear korean street fashion especially during cold autumn and winter seasons. This trendy sweaters make you feel warm and stylish at the same time during cold season. This unisex sweaters is quiet popular both in korea and globally.

10. Short Sleeve Sweaters

fall outfits korea

Credit to Sonyunara

Short Sleeve Sweaters is one of the popular option in korea street fashion among many teenagers especially during the season transition from summer to fall in korea. This sweater can be easily match with your another choice of outfit and still be able to help you beat the cool weather.

11. Long Coats

winter fashion in korea

Who would’ve thought that long coats can be one of the option you can choose for korean street fashion. There are no limit to korean streetwear. This long coat are perfect option to use during cool and cold weather. The best thing about long coats is that it is unisex and not gender specific, which makes it flexible in design style as well as color option. 

Long coats is one of the most popular korean street fashion during winter season, especially long loose fitted coats, which are made of wool specifically to help beat the cold. Oversized Long coat can be a perfect fit for your Korean streetwear fashion.

12. Camisoles + Cardigan

fall outfits korea

Credit to Codibook

Camisoles and cardigan is quiet popular in korean street fashion because the camisole really do a good job in showing the shape of your body while the cardigan help to cover it up. Choose thin and soft material to makes it even more comfortable to use all throughout the day.

13. Cardigan Shirt

fall outfits korea

Credit to Codibook

Cardigan comes with many different style, long sleeve, crop top and others, it became a major trends in korea street fashion. Korean usually wear a cardigan shirts, it is a cardigan that both functions as cardigan and shirt when it’s buttoned up. Other than that, this cardigan can be transformed easily to be a scarf that you can put on your shoulder.

14. Long Skirt

fall outfits korea

Credit to Sonyunara

If you love vintages style you can opt to long skirts as your korean street fashion ideas. Long skirt is easy to match and blend with any other outfit you use. Make sure to choose the color you like that match your personality or the seasons you are currently in.

15. Loose Shorts

fall outfits korea

Credit to he.nique

Loose Shorts are somehow get it’s way up to become the most popular korean street fashion in 2021. It because this style is perfectly match korean personality and culture as it project cuteness, sporty and casual vibes. This shorts is also easily blend with any other outfit.

16. Baseball Jackets

korean street fashion

Baseball jackets is one of the most famous korean street fashion outfit you can find especially during fall season in korea. I believe you might already have one in your korean streetwear wardrobe especially if you’re staying in Korea. Combine your oversize baseball jackets with baggy jeans for a more perfect fit for your korean streetwear.

17. Denim Jacket

korean street fashion

Just as in many other nations in the world, denim jacket fashion has hit Korea and so you can add this outfit ideas to your Korean street fashion style. It projected rebel, courageous, and freedom vibes, which is attractive among youth. You can see many Korean use this denim jacket in Hongdae areas.

18. Training Suit Set

korean street fashion

Training suit sets are always popular during autumn and winter season in south korea. However, these outfit have become so popular as one of the best korean street fashion looks especially after seeing Squid Game Movie. Some people even wear this training suit during halloween in korea.

19. Uniform Shoes

korean street fashion

Another perfect choice for your korean street fashion footwear is uniform shoes. While in the west it might looks weird and awkward, not in this cute loving Korean drama style country. Everything looks weird can be cute in Korea, especially if you are a performer, whether you are a singer or a dancer. Even if you are not a performer, you can just grab a netural solid color and blend with other outfit you like.

20. Boots

winter fashion in korea

Boots are never out of style, it makes you comfort and elegant at the same time. Whether you prefer high boots or ankle boots, it’s always a good choice to wear especially during winter season for both man and women. Mix that with baggy clothing to make its even more perfect for your korean street fashion style.

Korean Streetwear Brands

You might ask, ‘Where can i buy these korean streetwear?’ Well we got you covered, here are some notable korean streetwear brands where you can grab some of Korean streetwear outfit.

#1 ADER Error

korean street fashion

ADER Error was founded and born in 2014 in Seoul. Since then, this korean streetwear brand has become a top notch global brands that collaborate with a high class global influencer. The style is clean, simple, easy and cozy to wear for daily use. You might already seen some of their products wore by kpop idol such as Astro Cha Eun Woo, BTS Jhope, RM and many others.  ADER Error is one of the most famous korean streetwear brands you can find. 

#2 thisisneverthat

korean street fashion

Thisisneverthat is founded back then in 2010 by young creatives Park Inwook, Cho Nadan and Choi Jonkyu. This brand is well known for its creative design on various denim and outerwears, and acknowledged as a heavy rival to the world famous brand Supreme. This korean streetwear brands is favourited by many famous kpop idol such as Sandara PArk, Hoony, Seventeen Wonwoo and SHINEE’s Onew.

#3 Hyein Seo

korean street fashion

Hyein Seo is a young south korean designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp in 2014, one of the most well-loved fashion graduate school. This korean streetwear brands focus on showing the beauty and seductive vibes for women through her bodysuits, skirts, dresses, crop tops, outsized hoodies, jackets, suits, trousers and the list continue.

#4 Acmé De La Vie

korean street fashion

Acme De La Vie, known as ADLV is actually a french word that mean ‘pinnacle of life. This brand was born in 2017 by two brothers Jinmo Goo and Jaemo Goo. Since then this korean streetwear brands gain more popularity after collaborated with Twice, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Blackpink’s Lisa. This brands is also known for it’s high quality, aesthetic and comfortable design that focus on oversized fashion style with affordable price.

#5 Covernat

korean street fashion

Covernat is a korean streetwear brand founded in 2008, this brand focus on denim pants, they got their inspiration from vintage wear, so you can expect to see the infusion of vintage to a modern style. Some idol who you might seen wearing this brands are BTS Jungkoook, Red Velvet’s Yeri and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul. They even collaborated with Kakao Friends for their backpack collection.

#6 D-Antidote

korean street fashion

D-Antidote, as it name suggest, this korean streetwear brands has a goal of being an ‘antidote’ to those who are fashion addict. This brands put a little cyberpunk twist to their streetwear collection which create a timeless chic street outfit.

#7 Push Button

korean street fashion

Push Button was founded in 2003 by Seung Gun Park. This is a perfect korean streetwear brands for those who love a bold outfit. This brand are focus on jeans, oversize skirts and trench coats with a vibrant color which brings a lot of youth energy into this brand.

Aesthetic Korean Street Fashion For Daily Use

korean street fashion

There’s no denying that Aesthetic Korean street fashion is having a moment. With celeb groups like BTS and Blackpink being spotted in some of Korea’s hottest brands, it’s no wonder why everyone is eager to jump on the trend. But how exactly do you rock Korean street fashion for everyday wear? Here are a few tips:

  • Look for pieces that are both stylish and comfortable. In Korea, comfort is key when it comes to fashion. You’ll see a lot of oversized sweatshirts, joggers and sneakers on the streets. so make sure to invest in some pieces that you can move around in without sacrificing style.
  • Layer, layer, layer. Koreans are all about layering clothes to create unique looks. So don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces until you find an outfit that you love.
  • Accessorize! One of the best things about Korean fashion is that there are endless ways to accessorize your look. From statement earrings to funky hair clips, there’s no shortage of ways to add personality to your outfit.
  • Embrace bold colors and prints. Koreans are known for their love of bright colors and daring prints. So if you’re feeling bold, go ahead and experiment with some of the brighter hues and patterns out there.
  • Be confident! Confidence is key when it comes to pulling off any look – but especially Korean street fashion. Remember that everyone has their own unique beauty.

South Korean Street Fashion And Kpop Stars

korean street fashion
K-pop stars are some of the most popular celebrities in South Korea and their style is highly influential. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, there are plenty of kpop stars to choose from. Some of the most popular kpop stars that nailed it with Korean street fashion are G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri, Daesung, CL, Dara, BTS member, Shinee’s Key, EXO, SEVENTEEN member, SNSD Taeyeon, Bambam GOT7 and BLACKPINK. These kpop stars often sport unique and stylish looks that can be inspiring for your own wardrobe. Take a cue from their bold fashion choices and mix and match different pieces to create a look that is all your own. If you want to grab a Korean street fashion inspired from kpop idol ootd, then you want to check on Unnielooks, an online store specifically targeting youth kpop lovers all over the world. From hoodies, tops, long sleeve, dresses, skirts, you can get them all. You can use our coupon code ‘klovers‘ to get 10% discount of your purchase, you can check them out here.

Korean Streetwear

Korean street fashion has inspired youth to experiment with bold looks and express their personalities through fashion style. With its blend of styles, vibrant colors and daring silhouettes, anyone can find something they love in Korean Street Fashion. So don’t be afraid to stand out! Explore these trends, brands and styles for yourself and let your wardrobe do the talking!

Have you been inspired to try one of these korean streetwear outfit ideas? Which one do you love most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

korean street fashion
korean street fashion

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