24 Korean Jewelry Brands You Must Sporting ASAP!

Korean Jewelry Brands

If you love bling bling rings and necklace, these Korean Jewelry Brands will makes you go crazy!

I know that compare to beauty and fashion industry, Korean jewelry tends to be unknown and stay behind the curve in terms of popularity.

The truth is a lot of Korean jewelry brands offers great design, high quality material and reasonable prices. 

If you ever visit Seoul, you know that you can find a twinkling jewelry for just slightly below $50 and feels like you get a $100 jewelry.

That’s why I plan to reintroduce some of the best Korean Jewelry Brands, from the most affordable to the most expensive brands you can find.

Let’s dig in.

Table of Contents

1. Jewelring

korean jewelry brands

Jewelring brands focus on rings.

They have various great style rings for you to choose.

The only downside is that it is a bit pricey compare to others.

2. LeeGold

korean jewelry brands

LeeGold brands targeting on youth, so you can find all kinds of urban design in their product collections.

If you are a modern person who love simplicity – this one might be for you.

Sometimes they offers a special price on a certain day, make sure you check out regularly to get the best deals.

3. Gemopia

korean jewelry brands

Gemopia a short name for Gemstone and Utopia – two popular brands in Asia.

They’re located in Seoul and offers a simple modern style jewelry.

4. Fruta

korean jewelry brands

Fruta is eco-friendly brands that offers various accessories other than jewelry. 

Whether you are looking for hair accessories, bags, phone accessories or jewelry, you can get it all on their website.

5. Helene Jewelry

korean jewelry brands

Helene Jewelry is a classy jewelry brands that offers a premium jewelry made of 24k gold.

Even though the price is much higher than other brands, they offers an outstanding style and design jewelry that is unique – you can’t find elsewhere.


korean jewelry brands

GOLDENDEW specialize in creating a prestigious feminine jewelry. 

If you looking for engagement rings, wedding rings or other special jewelries, check on this one.

7. August Harmony

korean jewelry brands

August Harmony sells all chic jewelry products which is very appealing for gen Z.

In addition, their products is relatively cheap compare to previous premium brands we share.

8. J.estina

korean jewelry brands

J.estina offers various products with simple minimalist design. 

Whether you are looking for earrings, bracelets, rings or necklace, you can find it all.

9. Didier Dubot

korean jewelry brands

Didier Dubot falls into the category of premium jewelry brands that offers a unique and high quality products.

You can easily see that they really put their heart and passion to their craft.

10. Meltnfloat

korean jewelry brands

Meltnfloat focus on creating elegant minimalist products with high quality.

The design are sophisticated and yet practical for you to use it on a daily basis and easily blends with common outfits.

11. Less is More

korean jewelry brands

Less is more, as we hear the name, we quickly assume they must be offering a modern and simple products.

Truth is only one collections are minimalist.

Other collections like Confetti features a colorful and intricate design with natural gemstones and crystals as their main materials.

Their purpose is to help inspire women to discover their own happiness and pull out the good in everybody’s heart.

Basically, the message is ‘if you buy their products, you will be happy’.

12. HRJewelry


HRJewelry is one of the most famous jewelry brand in Korea, many celebrities wear their jewelries.

Korean designer Hera Park founded this brand as she got inspired by the 80s and 90s fashion style.

Their products design is classic and subtle.

13. Wingbling Korea


Wingbling Korea was founded in 2014, known for it’s various style and type of jewelry collection that you can choose.

There are a lot of Kpop idol and celebrities love Wingbling handmade jewelry.

The good news is that the price is affordable even for common people, which is perfect.

14. Portrait Report


Portrait report is a Korea jewelry brand launched by Jeong Baek Seok, well known designer. 

Many idol and celebrities also love this jewelry brand.

The design is clean, simple yet elegance and stylish.

One of the famous item they sell is the twin ear cuffs that can also be use as unique couple rings.

15. 1064 STUDIO


1064 Studio, it’s name is sophisticatedly taken from the temperature of melting gold.

The message is clear, they hope their jewelry will melt every customers heart.

This brand is known for it’s modern, geometry yet classy design jewelry, targeting those who love a unique handmade jewelry that you can easily layered with others to create a variety of style.

16. Numbering


Numbering is a Korean jewelry brand that offers a various and wide range of accessories, from mini hoop earrings to chain bracelets. 

This brand is founded on the idea ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’, which means beauty is subjective. 

Start from this idea, Numbering aspires to provides jewelry with innovative style that will appeal to all types of people.

17. Space Oddity


Space Oddity is a Korean jewelry brand that founded on a special message ‘Jewelry is small yet has a great power’

Thus this brand focus on various style of small pieces of rings, bracelets and necklace that show each person their own style and persona.



Coldframe is a korean jewelry brand that offers many various themes on their jewelry and accesories collections.

This brand is inspired by the unique form of human and flowers shape.

The design is delicate, unique and practical, you can mix it with many various outfit.

19. Stonehenge


Stonehenge was launched in 2008, and currently has 62 stores and 16 duty-free counters in South Korea.

This Korean jewelry brand offers a classic and elegant design with reasonable price.

In addition, this brand is also believes that there is an unwavering beauty of the past and the future – so most of their products focus on timeless design.

Few years ago they just collaborate with BTS for one of their jewelry collections.

20. Joomi Lim


Joomi Lim is founded by Korean designer Joomi Lim, who also had her own fashion brand named Joomi Joolz.

The design is feminine and elegant, filled with delicate spiral lines highlight on their earrings.

21. Momentel


Momentel is a sophisticated korean jewelry brand inspired from Asian culture.

This Korean Jewelry Brand try to mix asian values with modernity and create something special out of it. 

More over, they use some meaningful chinese characters embedded in some of their jewelry design. 

22. AVEC New York


AVEC New York, as it brand suggest, is based in NYC.

The founder is Korean twin sister name Kate and Chloe – so it’s safe to say it is a Korean Jewelry Brand. 

This brand is known for their modern prestigious jewelry design. 

Some of their products were made entirely with silver or 18k rose gold, which makes this brand a lot more expensive compare to others.


SCHO is founded by Sarah Cho and first debuted in 2012. 

This brand is known for their sterling silverwork and intricate design.

Whether you are looking for rings, bracelets, earrings or waist chains with a reasonable price, you can get it all.

24. Souhait


Souhait is a French word for ‘one wish‘.

This brand was founded by Sowon Lee and Jay Lee, started off as friendly family-own jewelry retailer in Seoul. 

This brands vision is to bring a good wishes and joy to every customers. 

The products is trendy, stylish, affordable and practical- which makes it easy to pair with various outfits and accessories.

There are a lot more Korean jewelry brands that I don’t list here just because I want to keep it short so you won’t be confuse.

Have you ever heard one of these Korean jewelry brands before?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Korean Jewelry Brands
Korean Jewelry Brands

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