Korean Mullet – Kpop Idols That Cause The Mullet Return!

korean mullet

Korean mullet, known as wolfcuts in Korea, is a hairstyle that used to be very popular among men in the 80s.

This hairstyle can come in different variations – from soft and wavy to choppy and shaggy.

Thanks to Kpop idols, this hairstyle has made it’s come back in the recent years. 

Now let’s take a look at some of Kpop idols that help popularized Korean Mullet hairstyle.

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Korean Mullet

Korean mullet you seeing nowdays is a modernized version of the classic OG Korean mullet, yet it has similarities in which they both features shorter hair on top and longer on the back.

Here are some Kpop Idols that looks great in this hairstyle.

1. Felix Stray Kids

korean mullet

Felix Stray Kids looks very charismatic with his Korean mullet hairstyle, sharp jaws and sharp eyes – hot badass vibes.

2. Mark NCT

korean mullet

Mark NCT looks amazing in his project ‘Tiger Inside’ features a shocking pink korean mullet hairstyle which stands out against the dark background and outfit.

3. Baekhyun EXO

korean mullet

Baekhyun EXO appeared with mullet hairstyle in ‘Ko Ko Bop’ MV.

Love or hate mullet hairstyle, but he looks gorgeous and perfectly fit the 80s summer vibe of the song.

4. Kim Namjoon BTS

korean mullet

Kim Namjoon looks like a promising executive with his mullet hairstyle. 

His mullet features short hair on side areas and not-too-long hair at the back, which makes it looks stylish and cool enough to go on business meeting.

5. Taeyong NCT

korean mullet

Taeyong portrait looks more like a million dollar vintage paintings.

The color match the style perfectly, especially the contrast between his flawless white skin and dark background create such a cool vibes.

He definitely inspire many fans to have his mullet hairstyle. 

6. G-Dragon Big Bang

korean mullet

G-Dragon is well-known as someone who love to try something new and try many different hairstyles.

His appearance with red Korean mullet hairstyle in 2017 evokes memories of an 80’s hair metal band.

If you want to follow his hairstyle, you need to start by growing your hair to medium length.

Afterwards, trim the front and side part short and leaving the back untouched.

7. The8 SEVENTEEN Mullet

korean mullet

Credit to glaminati

The8 Seventeen Korean mullet looks more like the classic OG mullet back in the 80s that features thick hair.

He definitely looks like a cute nerd as he mix a thick messy mullet hairstyle with big round professor eyeglasses and middle bangs .

Sum Up

Previously, Korean mullet was considered old-fashioned, until many kpop idol start popularize this hairstyle in the 2000s.

Thanks to all the celebrities that help modernize and popularize this haristyle, now many people consider Korean mullet as an attractive hairstyle.

Even though this hairtsyle is commonly use by man, there are some female celebrities that are looking great with this hairstyle, probably because it can create the illusion of a thinner face. 

How do you think about Korean mullet? Have you ever try this hairstyle? Let me know your thoughts in the comment sections below!

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korean mullet
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