All About Korean Year-End Party (Friendsmas)!

korean year end party

December is a month of festivities, and while Christmas may be the highlight for many, Koreans have an equally exciting tradition known as the “year-end party.” This lesser-known celebration is a vibrant and social way for Koreans to bid farewell to the passing year, combining the spirit of Christmas with the joy of connecting with loved ones. Let’s delve into the unique aspects of the Korean Year-End Party, also affectionately referred to as Friendsmas.

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Korean Year-end Party

Korean year-end party is a social year-end gathering where Koreans spent time with family, friends and mates to celebrate all the achievement they reach that year and also anticipate next year.

Type of Korean Year-End Party

1. Company Year-End Party (Hoesik)

korean year end party

Hoesik is a company gathering where all of the employee and employer will go to restaurant to eat and drink together, with some games involve.

This event was meant to boost employee engagement and connections between one another.

In Year-end Hoesik, all of the employee will commemorate the accomplishment of the year.

2. Friends Year-End Party

Just like anyone all over the world, Koreans love to gather with close friends to celebrate the end of the year.

Some Koreans will book a hotel or venues to spent time together, whether for picnic, BBQ, exchange gifts and drink some soju as they share each other stories.

3. Family Year-End Party

Year-end party with family usually filled with food and drinks, whether it is open door BBQ at homes or at BBQ restaurants.

Koreans usually show gratitude to their family member for all the support, prayer and help through out the year.

How To Celebrate Korean Year-End Parties

1. BBQ and Beer Outdoors

Most of the time, youth will have BBQ party outdoors at someone’s home or book a place to do it together.

Don’t forget alcohol, whether it’s beer or soju.

2. Enjoy the Fireworks

End the year with fireworks together with your loved ones!

What can be better than seeing and enjoying the wonderful fireworks as you sent out your prayer to God and be grateful for what He had done this year.

3. Review and Resolution

korean year end party

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Goals meant to be measured.

There is no best time to review how far we have gone through out the year during the Year-end celebration.

Review your goals, what you reach that year and what not, also find out the reason why you don’t reach certain goals you had in that year.

After review the previous goals, you can start making a new resolution for the next year, in every area of life, relationship, career, health and well being.

As you finish write down your goals for the next year, share it with your friends and take a group picture together.

In conclusion, the Korean Year-End Party, or Friendsmas, is a delightful events to cherish the accomplishment of the year and also strengthen our friendship while welcoming the new year with gratitude and joy.

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korean year end party
korean year end party

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