Kpop Diet Plans To Lose Weight Fast!

kpop diet

These Kpop diet plan will help you lose weight fast.

The question is whether or not you can follow and maintain the weight after you finished the diet plan.

Most of these Kpop diet promise quick result.

When Kpop idol plan to have a comeback or perform, most of them usually have to do these Kpop diet plan to reach their goals.

However, do note that these Kpop diet plan are not healthy and never meant to be a continuous diet plan.

Let’s take a look at some of these Kpop Idol diet plan.

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1. IU Diet

iu diet

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This diet plan involves eating one apple for breakfast, one sweet potato for lunch, and a protein shake for dinner. The diet is low in calories and carbohydrates and is not recommended for long-term use.

Here’s IU diet plan:

  • Breakfast time – One Apple
  • Lunch time – One Sweet Potato
  • Dinner time – One Protein Shake

Every day IU only consume these meal that has only 300 – 500 Kcal per day, while still doing her normal daily activity. 

She stick to her diet plan until reach the goals she want to achieve and start get back to eat normally.

2. Itzy Diet

ITZY diet and exercise plan promises quick weight loss.

You can see the videos below – Vivian Yuan lose 2 kilos in three days!

The diet involves eating a lot of protein, vegetables, and fruits, and avoiding carbs, sugar, and salt – while also stop eating after 8pm.

Fruits have a good fiber that help reduce body sugar while still giving enough energy to do daily task.

In addition, the exercise plan includes cardio and strength training.

ITZY diet plan:

  • Breakfast: cold water and fruits
  • Lunch: Sauteed vegetables
  • Dinner: Salad with chicken
  • Snack: Cherry Tomatoes

3. TWICE Diet

TWICE doesn’t have a super strict defined diet, but they try to avoid unhealthy carbs like noodles and bread, just stick to rice.

In addition, they also recommend eating a lot of vegetables, salad, and seafood.

More over, Jihyo and Momo recommend 16/8 intermitten fasting, which means you have 8 hour window to eat.

The workout plan includes cardio, strength training, and dance practice.

Twice diet plan ideas:

  • Breakfast: egg + juice
  • Lunch: rice + chicken + vegetables
  • Dinner: salad + seafood

4. Suzy Diet

kpop diet

Suzy diet plan focus on get adequate calories early during breakfast and eat less afterwards.

This diet make sure she had enough energy to keep going through her tough daily activities while maintain her calories intake.

Here’s Suzy diet plan:

  • Breakfast: sweet potato / chicken breast + one cup of low fat milk
  • Lunch: brown rice + salad
  • Dinner: two steamed sweet potatoes

In addition, she do exercise including treadmill, dancing and pilates / yoga.

Her dinner is super slim – two sweet potatoes. 

The idea is to burn as much fat as possible as she sleep by reduce the calories intake at night.

Alright, these are all Kpop idol diet you can follow to get a quick result – with cautions.

Even though Kpop diet promise quick result, it might risk your  overall health.

If you aren’t tight on time, then I suggest you better try another Korean diet rather than Kpop idol diet.

Most of these Kpop idol use extreme diet because they don’t have time, some of them must lose weight within 3-7 days.

Most trainers against such diets and recommend focusing on the long term healthy diet that will change your weight and eating habit.

How do you think about these Kpop diet?

Let me know in the comment sections below!

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kpop diet

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