Kpop Positions – Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer And Others Explained!

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Don’t say you are a true KPOP lover if you don’t know the different KPOP positions in a Kpop group. If you want to know deeper about each KPOP group position, this article is for you!

In this article, we will discuss each position in KPOP Group, whether it is a vocalist, dancer or rapper position! Let’s dig in!

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KPOP Positions - Roles Of Each Position

I believe that most of you are familiar with some kpop positions like Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper etc. However, in each position, there are levels that you might need help understanding. Here are some of them.

1. Main Vocalist

kpop positions main vocalist

Main Vocalist is the singer that raises the vibes, does the climax part of the song, and sets the tone.

Usually, the main vocalist has the best voice and charisma among the other members.

Most of the main vocalists in the KPOP group will have their solo album or even collaboration with another KPOP Group.

Eventho there are a lot of great singers, get the right main vocalist is more challenging than you think.

2. Lead Vocalist

kpop positions vocalist

Lead Vocalist is the leading voice of the group that gives stability to the group’s overall tone. If the K-pop group member is fewer than 5, the main/lead vocalist is usually the same person.

Yet, if the group is more than 8 people, you will see that the main and lead vocalist are different.

3. Sub Vocalist

kpop positions sub vocalist

A sub-vocalist sings to accompany the song, but most of the time, they will focus on acting or dancing in the music videos.

You can easily recognize a sub-vocalist from how many lines the person sings in a particular song. Most of the time, they’re just singing two lines or during a bridge.

4. Main Dancer

kpop positions main dancer

Credit indokpopers

The main dancer is the one that takes center stage when it comes to performing arts/music videos.

These positions are usually filled by people who are already well-known for modern dance or street dance.

5. Lead Dancer

kpop positions lead dancer

The lead dancer is the second great dancer in the group, right after the main dancer.

The task of the lead dancer is to give stability and show excellent performance along with the main dancer while still assisting the main vocalist/rapper by singing/rapping.

6. Main Rapper

kpop positions main rapper

The KPOP positions of Main Rapper usually fall to someone who can speak relatively quick and understand how to beat.

Even though most rappers can’t sing without the main singer, the person in this position can usually make the song more attractive.

7. Lead Rapper

kpop positions lead rapper

Lead Rapper is in the second position after the main rapper. Usually, it serves as the opening side of the main rap parts. If the K-pop group is small, the same person will be the main and lead rapper.

8. Sub Rapper

kpop positions sub rapper

Sub-rapper is usually a position for someone without excellent singing skills and yet has an impact on the group.

This position is excellent for giving the person more experience while still giving them enough exposure in every song.

9. All-Rounder

kpop positions all rounder

Credit to wolipop.detik

All-rounder refers to people with multiple talents – sing, dance, rap, and also have great charm. If you find someone with multiple leading or main positions in a group, you’ve found the all-rounder in that group.

10. Visual

kpop positions visual

Credit to jisoo

The most attractive guy/girl in the group fills the visual position. You can know the visual in a group pretty quickly; look at the most handsome/beautiful person in a K-pop group.

If you think all of a pop group’s members are beautiful, see who is the first face in the teaser music videos.

Most likely, the first person that appears in a teaser video is the visuals of that group. The purpose is to get quick attention and engagement from viewers.

11. Center

kpop positions center

The Center is the person that is placed in the middle of the group during their music campaign and photoshoots. The person in this position might be the most famous in the group, and it can change based on the campaign.

For example, during ‘Ice Cream Cake’ promotion Irene was the Center, yet during ‘Dumb Dumb’ promotions Seulgi was the Center.

12. Maknae

kpop positions maknae

Maknae, as we know, is the youngest person in the group. Most likely, Maknae is the cutest, most innocent, and most obedient member of a KPOP group.

13. Face of The Group

kpop positions face of the group

While most of you might think the face of the group is the same as the visuals, sometimes it’s not. The purpose of the face of the group is to bring attention to the group, the one that represents the group.

The face of the group is someone who usually goes to various shows or public events to represent the whole group.

14. Leader

kpop positions leader

Credit to hotdetik

Finally, the leader position. Usually, the leader is the oldest member in the group, the one with the most experience, and someone firmly respected by other members.

Just like in a company, the leader must be able to put the group together. They must be able to focus on group mission, discipline, and mature.

Sum Up

These are all the KPOP positions you often see in a KPOP Group. It’s pretty simple, and sometimes the role might change according to the skills improvement and the fan’s reactions.

I hope you learn something new about KPOP group positions and each different role in the group. Which positions do you think are the most important in the group? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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