Insta Worthy Love Tree ‘Sarang Namu’ In Buyeo!

love tree in buyeo

In this article we  will share to you the information about the Insta Worthy Love Tree ‘Sarang Namu’ In Buyeo, South Korea.

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If you are someone who love to take picture and finding a new hidden spot for taking the anti mainstream insta worthy pictures, then make sure you visit this place as you go to south korea. Let’s dive right to this Love tree in Buyeo.

Insta Worthy Love Tree

love tree in buyeo

Credit to @night_sol3_

This Love tree is also known as Mt. Seongheungsan Love Tree, because it is located on Mt. Seongheungsan [성흥산] and actually is a part of the Garimseong Fortress, a historical landmark overlooking Geum River.

This fortress used to have an important role during Baekje Era in protecting the Capital Of Baekje Dynasty, Sabiseong Fortress.

Zelkova Love Tree

love tree in buyeo

Credit to @s.bnee

This Zelkova tree is a very popular hotspot for korean locals for photoshoot, especially for couples. However, even if you are single, you still can make a beautiful picture in this spot.

love tree in buyeo

This tree was featured in Hotel Del Luna, where it appeared in the dream of Gu Chan Seong’s on the third and fourth episode where He saw Jang Man Wol smiling at Yeon woo and Cheong Myeong, and afterwards resting by herself under this love tree.

Afterwards, she reunites with Yeon-woo in episode 5 and he told her that he’ll build houes for her with this tree that she really love.

love tree in buyeo

Othern than Hotel Del Luna, it also appeared in other kdramas such as Iljimae (2008), The Great Seer (2012-13), Jang Ok-jung Living by Love (2013), Six Flying Dragons (2015), My Sassy Girl (2017), I’m Not A Robot (2017-2018), The Crowned Clown (2019), Missing: The Other Side (2020) and many others.

Love Tree In Buyeo

love tree in buyeo

Address: 167 Imcheon myeon, Buyeo county, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea

How to Get Here:
[BUS + TAXY]: You can get here by bus to Buyeo From Seoul, it might takes up to 3 hours. Then you can use taxy to Nammunji, which is the South entrance to the fortress. Then keep hiking to Seongheungsanseong Fortress.

Sarang Namu In Buyeo

How do you think about this ‘Sarang Namu’ a.k.a Love tree in Buyeo? Do you think it is worth to visit as you travel Korea? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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