Make A Korean Friend – Guide To Get Korean Friends Quick!

How to Make Korean Friend (without being in korea)

In this article, we will share to you tips and tricks on how to make a korean friend even without being in south korea before. Make sure you read until the end to learn how to make a korean friends without being in South Korea.

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Make a Korean Friend

As Korean wave and Korea popularity grew and grew, thanks to Kpop and Korean drama, more and more people are wishing to have a korean as their friend or even loved ones.

Many people would love to be friends with korean people as they’re got hypnotized by the politeness as well as the great appearance of korean people in korean drama or korean idol group that they love.


So here I try to list some of the place where you can make Korean friends in the comfort of your home where ever you live in the globe of this world based from my personal experience. Let ‘s dive right to it.

How to Make a Korean Friend Online

There are some ways you can get a korean friends online including.

1. Penpal Website

I list this penpal website as the very first  way to make korean friends without being in south korea. It is because on interpals, you can have thousands of korean friends with your own preference that will match with you. So you can choose your preferences from age, nationality and also desire (friendship, language exchange, flirting) with clear profile.

The difference between Interpals and Hipenpals:
Interpals is more like chating website, messenger in website mode. So you can text with them easily and at the time they’re online. But even if they don’t, your message will be notified to them and their emails, you also can see if they already seen the message.

Hipenpal is more like sending an email to a friend. So this website is much more into formal, Email conversation. If you doesn’t like any delay, then interpals is preferable.

2. Language Exchange Apps

The second recommendation for you on how to make korean friends without being in korea is by language exchange apps. You can make friends while exchange value to your korean friends. More than that, korean people that login here is usually have intentions to practice language with native people and even make friends with them.

What i like from Hellotalk:
Hellotalk work similar to messenger we use everyday. So you can talk directly to their phone, on time with the notification from their apps. The people here are incline to learn languages. So you’ll get more reply on this apps. More than that, this app can search Korean people near your neighborhood, so you can meet them easily.

3. Dating Site or Apps

This is the third recommendation for you to make korean friends without being in south korea.
Before you tell me, i should tell that I knew that this app is for dating. But many of my friends that live outside korea is making friends through dating apps. Some of them even meet in real as they travel south korea.

4. Social Media

Some Korean people will not reply and hate to be approach through social media like instagram, facebook, youtube. However, if you have a real profile and real friends, show interest to korea in many of their content, story and join their live, some of them will be willing to reply to your message after some time.

Many people are really open minded and kind. As long as you can speak korean and friendly, there is a lot of people want to be your friends. You can just text them by DM on Instagram and facebook.

5. Korean Community / Church

korean churchmake a korean friend

If you can’t get a friend through all of the stuff i mention earlier, then you can also find korean community near you or around you, for example in the church. Almost in every country, korean have their own community in that particular country.

You can just find their church and join their community there. Go out with pure intentions of make a good friendship with them, and you will have korean friends just like you make your local friends.

How to find Korean Friends on Instagram

instagram korea dating apps

To make korean friends through instagram will not be easy but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Most of korean people on instagram are content creator, so if you are having a great skills in photography, it will be easier for you to make friends through this platform.

If you are not a skillful photographer or content creator, then you might need to show interest to korea and korean people that you wish you can be friend with. 

Wait some time until they start to built some trust and willing to reply to your comment or direct message. Just know that this is not easy and not going to be a fast way to make korean friends.

Make South Korean Friends Online


The best and well proven (by myself) on how to make south korean friends online is through language exchange apps, this is the best way to grab their attention and take them to personal relationship. Korean love study, and if you’re able to speak english language or chinese language, then it will be much easier for you to get one.

I prove myself by making several korean girlfriend through Interpals and Hellotalk that I met in person both in korea and other country as well. That said, I wasn’t stay in Korea before, just to show you what is possible. Of course it will be easier to get a friend if you are living in korea, but even if you are not, it is still possible, just take some time and effort.

Sum Up


Make korean friend is not as hard as you think, just remember that most korean is not as open as western people, Korean are really close and have a high wall before they can trust and be friend with you. So take your time, don’t be in a rush, I proved myself that I can make lots of korean friends, not just girlfriend, but both male and female Online before i met them offline in Korea or another country as we manage to travel together.

So these are the list i can share to you on how to make a korean friends, which one is your favourite? have you try one of these ways before? Let us know in the comments below!

Make A Korean Friend
Make A Korean Friend

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