Noraebang: Korean Karaoke Experience You Don’t Want to Miss!


Looking for another great activity to experience during your travel to South Korea? Then you can try Noraebang! This Korean karaoke is a fun and unique way to spend your night out with your friends and loved ones.

You can rent a private room to enjoy with your peers without the pressure to perform in front of other people you don’t know. Let’s take a deeper look about this popular activity in south korea! 

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korean karaoke

Noraebang is the Korean version of karaoke, where you rent a room privately for you and your peers to sing your favourite songs.

Korean karaoke rooms are equipped with high-quality sound systems, microphones, and a vast selection of songs in multiple languages. It’s a popular activity in South Korea and has gained popularity around the world as a fun and unique way to spend a night out.

Korean Karaoke

The word ‘노래방 (noraebang)’ came from the word 노래 (norae) which means ‘song’ and 방 (bang) which means ‘room’, so it literally means ‘song room’. However, do note that you might also see some similar sign such as 노래연습장 (noraeyeonseupjang), which means ‘The place to practice singing.’

Type Of Noraebang

Generally, there are two types of korean karaoke rooms you can experience in South Korea, general noraebang and coin noraebang.

General Noraebang

korean karaoke

General Noraebang or korean karaoke is similar to karaoke in many other country, where there are staff in the counter that will ask you how long you want  to rent and guide you to your private rooms. The payment usually made as you choose your room and set the time duration you want to sing. 

Most korean usually pay for an hour, then extend if they still want to sing. However, do note that usually they’re crowded during night time.

Coin Noraebang

Credit to Claudia Kim

The second type of Noraebang in south korea you can find is ‘Coin Noraebang’, which is also popular among youth and students. The different is that this noraebang is operated fully by machine, without staff to guide you.

You can just pay directly to the machine based on how many song you want to sing, and then you can enter the tight and small karaoke rooms to start singing. In addition, you can just keep extend your songs by putting more coins to the machine. .

Korean Karaoke Room Facility

korean karaoke

Same like other karaoke rooms all over the world, you will see a TV, two microphones, controller, sofa, table, songs book and tambourine in some place. The size is vary depends on how many people you want to bring in the rooms. Most of korean karaoke room is well design and decorated with disco lights in the center.

In addition, some others sell alcohol like beer, soju, and some snacks. The most important is that the songs is also available in English, Japanese as well as chinese where you can just add every song you want to sing to the list.

Popular Korean Karaoke Songs?

Credit to Blackpink

Popular korean songs vary depending on personal taste and cultural influences. However, some popular choices among locals and tourists in South Korea include K-pop hits by Psy, BTS, Blackpink as well as western songs by Ariana Grande or Justin Bieber.

Korean Karaoke Price

There’s actually some factors that differentiate the price in this korean karaoke. For instance, whether you go into a luxurious noraebang or traditional noraebang, the type of room you rent, the time you visit Noraebang.

In the morning, you can get a price around 5,000 – 15,000 won for an hour on a basic karaoke rooms and twice the price on a luxurious one. The best part of coming in the morning is that sometimes you can get a free additional singing time.

However, if you come at the peak hours and especially during the weekends, you can just easily double the price and there will be no free additional time.

On the other hand, coin noraebang typically costs 500won for one song with the price reduce as more song you purchase. For example, 1,000won can get you 3 songs, or an hour for 5,000 won.

How to find Noraebang

korean karaoke

You can find korean karaoke rooms literally everywhere in South Korea, all you need to do is just to look for the signs ‘노래방’. If you can’t find it near the place you stay or going, then you can just naver it to see the local near you or ask someone whether there are any karaoke room in your areas.

Sum Up

Karaoke can be a really fun and great time wasting activity you can enjoy in Korea with your friends especially if you are just looking for an exciting activity to enjoy during the night before you go to bed. Here are all I can share about Noraebang and hopefully it helps you understand and learn more about this Korean version of Karaoke in South Korea.

Have you ever go to karaoke rooms in South Korea? How’s you experience and how does it differs with the karaoke room in your country? Let me know in the comment sections below!


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