Police Korean Drama – 17 Cop Dramas That Will Blow Your Mind!

police korean drama

Looking for the Best and Intense Police Korean drama with twist that will blow out your mind?

I’ve compiled a list of the Best Police Korean drama that you can start watching today!

Get ready to be blown away by these Intense Police Korean Dramas!

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1. You’re All Surrounded (2014)

police korean drama

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You’re all surrounded tells a story of four young policemen assigned to the Gangnam Police investigation team as investigator. 

Together with the head of investigation team, they begin their journey as detectives.

Main cast:

  • Lee Seung-gi as Eun Dae-gu / Kim Ji-yong
  • Cha Seung-won as Seo Pan-seok
  • Go Ara as Eo Soo-sun

Genre: action, crime

2. Signal (2016)


After witnessing a crime 15 years ago that remain unsolved, Haeyoung – a criminal profiler and cop, distrust the police officials. 

One day, he come across a mysterious walkie-talkie which allow him to communicate with a detective who is in charge of investigating mysterious incident he witnessed years ago.

The two work together via walkie-talkie to solve the unsolved crimes in the past.

Main cast:

  • Lee Je-hoon as Park Hae-young
  • Kim Hye-soo as Cha Soo-hyun
  • Jo Jin-woong as Lee Jae-han

Genre: sci-fi, thriller

3. Voice (2017)

police korean drama

Voice tells a story of a popular detective who try to find the murderer of his wife.

He work together with a top voice profiler, who accidentally witness a brutal murder case through a phone call.

Main cast:

  • Jang Hyuk as Moo Jin-hyuk 
  • Lee Ha-na as Kang Kwon-joo 

Genre: thriller, crime

4. Tunnel (2017)

Tunnel (2017) the best thriller netflix korean dramas

Tunnel is a mysterious crime story that really put you on anticipation each time you watch the scene. 

The dramas tells a story of a detective who accidentally enters a pitch black tunnel as he chase a serial killer. 

However, he find himself teleported into the future.

Now, he work together with another detective and criminal psychologist to catch the killer.

Main cast:

  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Park Gwang ho
  • Yoon Hyun min as Kim Sun jae
  • Lee Yoo Young as Shin Jae yi

Genre: Thriller, crime

5. Mad Dog (2017)

police korean drama

Mad dog tells the story of Mad Dog investigation team. 

This drama revolves around an ex police officer and leader of Taeyang Insurance investigation team.

He try to investigate the plane crash incidents which cause the death of his wife and kids. 

As he investigate the case, he met a genius conman whose brother also died in the plane crash. 

Now they work together to reveal the secret behind the incident that cause the life of their loved ones.

Main cast:

  • Yoo Ji Tae as Choi Kang Woo
  • Woo Do Hwan as Kim Min Joon
  • Ryu Hwa Young as Jang Ha Ri

Genre: mystery, action

6. Come and Hug Me (2018)

police korean drama

Come and hug me revolves around the life of a detective and popular actress that suffers trauma due to the murder case that takes place during their high school’s life. 

They were actually each other’s first love in high schools. 

However, the beautiful moment instantly changed once his father kill her parents.

Now, he try to atone his father’s terrible mistakes by being a detective and treat the victim’s family with affections and love. 

On the other hand, after losing her parents, she followed the footstep of her late mother and become a famous actress. 

The story begin when they meet again.

Main cast:

  • Jang Ki Yong as Chae Do Jin
  • Jin Ki Joo as Han Jae Yi
  • Heo Jun Ho as Yoon Hee Jae

Genre: mystery, melodrama

7. Two Cops (2018)

police korean drama

Two cops is tells a story of an emotional cop find himself cohabiting his own soul with a swindler’s spirit that fall in love with a rookie reporter.

Main cast:

  • Jo Jung Suk as Cha Dong Tak
  • Hyeri as Song Ji An
  • Kim Seon Ho as Gong Soo Chang

Genre: romantic comedy, action

8. Less Than Evil (2018)

police korean drama

This kdramas revolve around the life of Woo Tae Seok (Shin Ha Kyun), a lonely veteran detective that is passionate and focus on solving cases. 

One day, Woo Tae Seok encounter Lee Seol, a female psychopath that ended up help Woo Tae Seok solve cases.

Main cast:

  • Shin Ha Kyun as Woo Tae Seok
  • Lee Seol as Eun Sun Jae
  • Park Ho San as Jeon Choon Man

Genre: crime, detective, thriller

9. Life on Mars (2018)

police korean drama

Life on mars police kdramas tells a story of Han Tae Joo, a detective who find himself travel the time and wake up in a totally different timezone, in 1988. 

He currently active as a detective which objective is to work at a small police station. 

He try to get back and travel back time to his present day by solve serial murder case.

Main cast:

  • Jung Kyoung-Ho as Han Tae-Joo
  • Park Sung-Woong as Kang Dong-Cheol
  • Ko Ah-Sung as Yoon Na-Young

Genre: scifi, crime

10. My Fellow Citizens (2019)

police korean drama

This korean dramas tells a story of Yang Jung Kook (Choi Si Won) who is a veteran conman that never been arrested all his life. 

Without realize, he ended up marry a police officer and somehow turns to someone who now run his way up to be the member of National Assembly.

Main cast:

  • Choi Si-Won as Yang Jung-Kook
  • Lee Yoo-Young as Kim Mi-Young
  • Kim Min-Jung as Park Hoo-Ja

Genre: comedy, crime

11. The Good Detectives (2020)

police korean drama

This Korean police drama tells the stories of two types of people, those who try to hide the truth and the other is those who go all out to reveal the truth. 

Revolves around the life of Kang Do-Chang (Son Hyun-Joo), an experience detective, Oh Ji-Hyeok (Jang Seung-Jo), an elite detective and Jin Seo-Kyung (Lee Elijah), a newspaper reporter.

Main cast:

  • Son Hyun-Joo as Kang Do-Chang
  • Jang Seung-Jo as Oh Ji-Hyeok
  • Lee Elijah as Jin Seo-Kyung

Genre: detective, crime

12. Rugal (2020)

rugal-korean drama webtoon

Rugal can be found on streaming platforms like Netflix and it’s amassed quite a viewership, despite its considerably low rating. 

Before coming to life on the small screen, it was first a webtoon created by Rel.Mae. The webtoon was created back in 2016 and was a hit.

The action/sci-fi webtoon was developed into a series that followed a cop looking for revenge after his family is killed. 

To make things interesting, the cop is recruited by the NIS and equipped with biotechnology, making him superhuman.

Main cast:

  • Choi Jin-hyuk as Kang Ki-beom
  • Park Sun-woong as Hwang Deuk-goo
  • Jo Dong-hyuk as Han Tae-woong
  • Jung Hye-in as Song Mi-na
  • Kim Min-sang as Choi Geun-chul
  • Park Sun-ho as Lee Kwang-chul
  • Han Ji-wan as Choi Ye-won

Genre: mistery, sci-fi

13. Alice (2020)


Alice tells a story of a detective who investigates a time travel mysterious case. 

The time traveler came from the future through a space named Allice. 

Park Jin Gyeom tries hard to prevent any negative consequences that might happened through Alice. 

However, He ended up meet Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Seon) who was died in the past and hold the key to time travel.

Main cast:

  • Kim Hee-Seon as Yoon Tae-Yi
  • Joo Won as Park Jin-Gyeom
  • Kim Hee-Seon as Park Sun-Young

Genre: Sci-fi, Romance

14. Tell Me What You Saw (2020)

police korean drama

Tell Me What You Saw is a thriller and suspense series. 

Oh Hyun-jae (Jang Hyuk) was once highly regarded as a criminal profiler known for solving uncrackable cold cases. His world shattered when his fiancee is killed in an explosion set by a serial killer.

Unable to deal with the grief, he shuts off from others. 

One day a new killer emerges with the same plots.

While another detective is on the case, he meets Cha Soo-young (Choi Soo-young), a detective with a photographic memory. 

She teams up with Hyun-jae to seek retribution for his fiancee and stop the killer.

Main cast: 

  • Jang Hyuk as Oh Hyun-jae
  • Choi Soo-young as Cha Soo-young

Genre: Thriller, Suspense

15. Team Bulldog (2020)

police korean drama

Team Bulldog tells a story of Jin Kang Ho (Cha Tae Hyun), a passionate detective who tries to catch criminals at all cost, Kang Moo Young (Lee Sun Bin), an enthusiastic PD of TV Investigative program that catch criminals who was failed to be caught by the police department. 

One day they meet and together they try to solve hard cases.

Main cast: 

  • Cha Tae-Hyun as Jin Kang-Ho
  • Lee Sun-Bin as Kang Moo-Young
  • Jung Sang-Hoon as Lee Ban-Seok

Genre: action, crime

16. Police University (2021)

Police University korean drama august 2021

This korean drama sets the scene in the National Police University Campus, revolves around Yoo Dong-man, a professor in the university, and two freshmen, smart and righteous Oh Kang-hee and hacker Kang Seon-ho. 

The drama will display the student teacher collaboration to uncover the person behind the largest online gambling on the police campus.

Main cast: 

  • Jin Young as Kang Sun-Ho
  • Cha Tae-Hyun as Yoo Dong-Man
  • Krystal as Oh Kang-Hee

Genre: drama, crime, youth

17. Mouse (2021)


Mouse is a korean dramas tells a story of an honest policeman who tries to act on crimes as fairly as possible.

Revolves around Jung Ba reum (Lee Seung gi), a police officer that was assigned to catch a serial killer that’s really hard to track.

Together with Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon), a dedicated detective, they solve and find this serial killer.

Main cast: 

  • Lee Seung-Gi as Jung Ba-Reum
  • Lee Hee-Jun as Go Mu-Chi
  • Park Ju-Hyun as Oh Bong-Yi

Genre: mystery, scifi

Alright friends, these are my list of the Best Police Korean drama that I can share to you.

How do you think about these Police Korean drama?

Which one you love most?

Let us know in the comment sections below!

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