Teaching English in South Korea – 5 Tips To Get a Teaching Job!

Teaching English in South Korea

Are you looking for ways to travel South Korea for free? If you come from some  English-native country, you might have the opportunity to visit for free while get paid teaching english in South Korea. Let’s find out more about this opportunity! 

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Teaching English in South Korea

Before continue further, do note that the opportunity for teaching english in South Korea is only for.

  • Citizens of English-speaking country (USA, U.K, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia)
  • Healthy Person (Pass Health Check Up)
  • Clean Background (No Criminal Record)
  • Highly recommended and will be better if you own TEFL certification and teaching experience (but not necessary)

This is a general requirement to help you acquire E-2 Teaching Visa in Korea. Every specific public schools or private company might have it’s own requirement that differ from one another.

Place To Teach English in South Korea

Technically, there are three type of places where you can teach english in South Korea.

  • School
  • Hagwon (Private Academy)
  • University

Each of these places offers different benefits and requirements to be their english teacher. Do your own research on each places you want to work for.

Tips To Get a Teaching English Job in South Korea

Here are some tips to get a teaching English job in South Korea.

1. Exceed The Expectations

Teaching English in South Korea

Rather than meeting the minimum requirements, it is better to exceed their expectations. 

example, if you have a bachelors or master’s degree with high grade and TEFL certificates, understand basic korean language, no tatoos and face piercing, then it will be very easy for you to get an english teaching job in Korea.

Anyway, don’t be discourage, if you have tattoos or nose piercing, you are still eligible to teach english in South Korea. However, you might need to cover or remove it during working hours.

2. Get A Short Teaching Experience

Teaching English in South Korea

If you really want to amaze Korean with your skills and amazing mindset, you can try get a teaching experience, whether it’s remote (online) job, volunteer or others.

This experience will help you understanding how teaching works and whether or not you love this job. 

In addition, this short experience will show to others that you are someone who really understand about teaching industry and willing to learn.

3. Prepare All Necessary Documents

Teaching English in South Korea

Make sure you have an active passport, bachelors degree certificate, work / university endorsement (if possible), crime-free license and also CV (Resume) to apply teaching job.

4. Look For Teaching Job in Korean Job Board

Teaching English in South Korea

The best way you can start looking for English teaching job in South Korea is by looking at Korean Job Board. I know some teacher from South Africa that get a teaching job in South Korea by using Korean job Board in Dave’s ESL Cafe.

5. Take a Look At Your Contract

Teaching English in South Korea

Understand that you will live by your contract in South Korea. Before you sign anything, make sure you understand and know all necessary stuff like salary, holiday, benefits, and job description. 

In addition, do pay extra attention for the pinalty you need to pay if you break the contract, the housing benefits, sick leave, paid leave and work schedule (office hours). 

Sum Up

Teaching English in South Korea offers you a great opportunity to live like a local in South Korea, understand Korean culture, and also learn korean language. 

The best part is that you will get paid while travel and experience all that South Korea has to offers. That’s why many people from Western country come to teach their native language to South Korea.

I wish this article can help you get insight and understanding of what you need to prepare and do to get a teaching job in South Korea.

Let me know do you think you want to try become English Teacher In South Korea? Put your answer in the comment sections below!

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Teaching English in South Korea
Teaching English in South Korea

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