Korean Social Media Apps – 9 SNS Koreans Love To Use!

Korean Social Media Apps

Are you looking for ways to engage with your Korean friends? In this article, I will share some Korean social media apps you can use to contact your beloved Korean friends. Let’s dive right into these apps!

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Korean Social Media Apps

Korean love to use the word ‘SNS’ or Social Networking Service when it comes to social media.

Most people know Koreans use Kakaotalk, the most beloved social media app in Korea. However, there is actually more than just Katalk regarding Korean social media apps. Here are some other Korean social media apps you can install on your phone today.

1. KakaoTalk - Best Korean Social Media Apps

korean social media apps

If you plan to live in South Korea, Kakaotalk is the messenger app you must install on your phone.

All Korean people of all ages have this messenger app on their phones to contact one another.

Most Korean families create a ‘family group’ in their kakaotalk. Meanwhile, most students creates a ‘study group’ to make announcement or events.

In addition, if you have Korean friends, you can send gifts via kakaotalk on their birthday.

2. KakaoStory

korean social media apps

Kakaostory is an extension of Kakaotalk messenger, created for different purposes.

While kakaotalk works as a messenger, Kakaostory is meant to be a mini-blog where you can post your post. Anyway, you can connect the two to make it even more convenient!

The best part about this app is that the current global social media apps show us the best post based on algorithm and how we react. On the other hand, Kakaostory show us the post based on chronological order.

This social app is commonly used among middle-aged people in Korea because most youth usually post their activities on Instagram. More over, this app is private and allows you to share with certain people you choose.

3. Line

korean social media apps

LINE was launched in 2011 by NHN Japan, a South Korean Internet company Naver Corporation subsidiary.

This simple yet powerful app is the second-largest messenger app in Korea as well as South East Asia. Besides being filled with cute emojis, this app is stable and easy to use.

In addition, LINE offers LINE Games, where users can talk with their peers while playing games.

4. Naver Cafe

korean social media apps

Naver Cafe is a well-known forum created by Naver, a South Korean engine. This social network is a free and open social community app where everyone can create their group based on mutual interest.

You can find millions of community groups in this app. From moms who share all about pregnancy to a workers who share investment tips to be financially free.

In addition, this app also enables you to share a blog post where you can post articles with maps and pictures.

5. Cyworld - First Korean Social Media App

korean social media apps

Cyworld is a pioneer when it comes to social networks. This app came before huge social media names like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

This social media network used to be a part of SK Communications. Unfortunately, Time passes, and it fails to maintain its position and Facebook ends up holding Cyworld’s user shares.

korean social media apps

Some great features of Cyworld include the ability to create mini home pages, avatars and background music, which represent our own persona.

6. Daum Cafe

korean social media apps

Daum Cafe is a social app that was launched by Daum in 1999. This app works  similar to Naver Cafe.

People with similar interests can meet at Daum Cafe to share the latest information and interests and engage with one another.

Unfortunately, people start leaving this app due to a lack of moderation and leadership.

7. Naver Band

korean social media apps

Naver Band is a private Korean social media app created by Naver in August 2012. You can easily adapt to this app because It works like Facebook.

Most people using this app are middle-aged people looking to find their lost contact friends.

There are bulletin boards and schedule functions which makes it easy to plan a a community gathering events.

8. Somoim - Korean Social Media App Based On Location

korean social media apps

Somoim is a social network that helps you know your neighbors and discover what is happening around your place.

If you don’t want to miss out on your neighborhood event, you can download this app and even create a community of same interest in the same local neighborhood areas.

This app is great for an introvert who has difficulty making new friends that live around their neighborhood.

9. Everytime

korean social media apps

Everytime is an essential social media app for Korean students. This amazing app provides timetable service for more than hundreds of universities all over South Korea.

If you plan to study in Korea, then you will find many of your Korean friends use this app to help organize their hectic timetables and get information about school life.

Sum Up

There are unlimited amount of social media that are continuously trying to get our time and attention. If you are someone who love socials, then you can try some of these social media and just delete it if you don’t like it.

Here are all the best korean social media apps I can share with you guys, hope this informations will somehow be useful for you.

Have you ever tried one of these Korean social media apps? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Korean Social Media Apps
Korean Social Media Apps

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