Free AI Tools – 16 Best Free AI Tools Online To Work Faster!

free ai tools

Are you looking for something that can accelerate and speed up your workflow? You’re lucky we are in 2023, where AI is literally exploding all over the world! After spending a lot of paid and free AI tools, I want to share with you the best one you can try this year.

Korea is advanced both in beauty as well as in technology, including AI technology.

Most Korean company already utilizes AI technology in their business. You might already see how some restaurants use robots to serve their customers.

Everyone adapts to technology quickly here, which has made Korea grow so fast in the past decades. Now we are currently in the AI era.

AI is incredible and life-changing, so I tried many of the best AI apps this year. However, I realize that most AI software is expensive; even if I use their lowest subscription, it still costs hundreds of dollars every month!

That’s why I spent some time testing all of the free AI tools I could find on the internet, and I found some great free AI tools to help me do my job as an independent worker.

I believe these free AI tools will also be able to help you speed up your work and increase your performance. Let’s look at the best free ai tools I found online!

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Free AI Tools - Best Free AI Tools Online

There are a lot of AI tools you can find on the internet that I don’t share here because they’re not free or as good as the one I shared. Here are all the best free AI tools I found.

1. immerse

free ai tools

Immerse is a free AI image search engine where you can upload the image you like and find similar yet different FREE images with royalty-free licenses.

These free AI tools help me find a royalty-free image similar to what I am looking for. So we can use it and create our own posters without copyright issues.

2. ToonTap

free ai tools

Toontap is a free AI cartoon filter app which will turn your picture into incredible cartoons like Disney Pixar characters.

If you are a YouTuber or content creator, you know that cartoon portraits thumbnails usually get more clicks!

Above are my pictures using Toontap; I personally love this app. All you need to do is sign up for a three-day free trial and cancel it. You’ll move into their free account.

The difference between the pro and free versions is that the free version is filled with a lot of ads, watermark and also limited features. 

I use the pro version just because I am a designer; if you aren’t, then I recommend using the free version.

3. Watermark

free ai tools

Watermark, as its name suggests, is a free Watermark Remover app! The downside of free AI image apps is that they often give you a picture with a watermark.

Thanks to this watermark remover, you can upload your watermark image and tadaa~ it will automatically remove the watermark.

4. Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is a free text-to-video editor where you can upload a video script, and this app will automatically generate a video for you by combining free stock videos with text.

The best part is that you can edit and tweak it, such as switching out and picking new video clips more related to your scripts and video intention.

In addition, you can also change the music and its resolution to match mobile or full-screen videos.

5. Canva

Canva is a well known freemium apps where you can create any graphic design, edit photos and even create videos and presentations.

You can use their AI technology where you can just push a click button to transform your ordinary photo to an extraordinary pictures!

In addition to enhance your pictures, it also has a new Magic Eraser tools where you can choose to remove anything you don’t like in the pictures and their AI will edit it out for you. 

This feature is included in their free acount, but I personally use their pro version because it is more than worth it.


free ai tools

While watermark remover is a free watermark remover AI tool, Erase bg is a free AI background remover. The best part is that you can skip signing up for their service.

In addition, they will give you the edited pictures in the same resolution you uploaded, which is amazing.

If you are a Premium Canva user, you don’t need these AI apps because Canva has its own background remover.

7. Clip Champ

Clip Champ is a free AI automatic video editor where you can drop in your video files and choose the type of video you want this AI to create.

You can choose a mobile video or full-screen video resolution, choose your music preference and tadaa~ this AI video editor will automatically generate a video montage for you.

In addition, Clip Champ also has various video filters and video background remover you can use to make it looks even more professional.

Moreover, if you prefer to have captions on your video, this free AI tool also offers auto-generate video captions, which saves time and money.

8. is a free Ai chat app where you can talk with various characters, including celebrities like Elon Musk or other made-up characters.

Most of you know that we can do this with the well-known ChatGPT. However, talking with character AI is much more interesting.

This AI tool makes you feel like you have a personal assistant and friend that can answer your questions in a friendly (human) manner.

9. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a free AI art app that requires technical knowledge because it’s a little bit complicated to use. However, this app will help you create incredible artwork.

If you are a graphic designer or sell print-on-demand products, you won’t regret installing these free AI tools.

10. Replicate

Replicate is a free AI image upscale; this app is perfect to combine with Stable Diffusion AI apps because the image generated in Stable Diffusion AI tools is often too low to use on print-on-demand products.

This AI tool will restore and increase the resolution of any image you upload by adding extra pixels to upscale it without reducing the quality.

Note that sometimes this AI image upscale might create some glitches as it upscales your image.

11. Bigspeak AI

Bigspeak AI is a free Text-to-Speech AI tool which allows you to type in up to eight thousand characters and choose a male or female voice and automatically generate an AI voiceover. After your voiceover is ready, you can download it for free.

Moreover, if you prefer to have your own voice, it has Voice Cloning features, which can clone your voice and use it to generate text-to-speech.

12. Chat GPT

We all know this first global hype Chat GPT, a free AI copywriter to help you with any task, literally anything.

You can talk with it, tell it to write anything you need or answer any question. You can pay to upgrade to premium users; it is a great investment.

However, it’s enough to be a free user if you are just in your testing phase. Try it as soon as possible because i don’t think it will be free forever.

13. is a free grammar check AI proofreader tools that are very easy to use.

This app will do the grammar and spelling check for you, fix any errors and even paraphrase it and make it shorter, which is massive if you want to create reels or short videos.

This AI will help you summarize and shorten your script without removing any information, which is great for creating listicles, bullet points, outlines and presentations. However, the downside of this AI tool is that it has a word limit.

14. Let's Foodie

Let’s Foodie is a free AI recipe generator that turns ingredients into cooked food. You can tell this AI tool what ingredients you have in your house, and it will suggest food you can make out of it.

In addition, this AI tool also provide various other information, such as how to freeze, reheat different ingredients and others.

Anytime you are unsure what to cook, go to Let’s Foodie, enter the list of ingredients you have and let your personal AI chef devise a tailor-made recipe.

15. Soundful

Soundful is a free AI music generator where you can pick your genre of music, and it will generate a song for you. If you don’t like it, you can ask it to create another new song.

Once you get the song you like, you can edit it, whether to slow it down or speed it up based on your preference.

16. Studio D-ID (Free 20 Credits - Paid Afterwards)

Once you create your Character using the app I mentioned, you can start making it live with studio D-ID! This AI tool is a game changer; you can make any picture alive with this AI technology.

While this tool is not free, you can still use it for trials; it gives you about 20 credits to try it.

All you need to do is upload the image or choose the avatar you want to use, choose the AI voice you prefer, type your script and click generate. It will automatically make your pictures come alive and speak to you.

This tool is a game changer for me, since now, as an introvert, I can still make youtube videos with my pictures and script, yet AI-generated. I hope you can utilize these tools for your goods!

If you’re lazy to try, you can check on my testing video here on youtube.

Sum Up

It is insane to know that with AI technology, now we can be a chef, copywriters or even a songwriter just with a click of a button.

AI technology is just absolutely life-changing and life-transforming for me. That’s why I shared some of the best free AI tools online so you can also utilize them in your career and increase your productivity.

I wish this article will be helpful for all of you, and let me know if you want me to write more articles about technology and productivity in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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