Welfie Meaning – Korean Slang Seen On All Of us Are Dead!

welfie meaning

As I watch the famous korean zombie apocalyptic dramas ‘All Of Us Are Dead’, I found something interesting. In the third episode, after Lee Na Yeon escape to the broadcasting studio, she said ‘welfie’ or ‘gisaengsu’ to Han Gyeong-su. This is uncommon korean slang I rarely heard and so I try to find out the meaning and intent behind this words.

After some quick surf and research, I finally find out the real meaning of Welfie or Gisaengsu. I learn the meaning of welfie seen on ‘All OF Us Are Dead’ as well as the global netizen definition of welfie.

For my surprise, the meaning of welfie for both are total opposite. If we define this word the way global netizen thought, we might feel confuse as we watch the movie. There are literally no correlation for Na Yeon to tell it to Gyeong-su in the light of global netizen definition of Welfie.

That’s why in this article I plan to explain the real meaning of welfie in the kdramas as well as the global definitions. Let’s find out the multiple meanings of Welfie used by korean as well as global netizen!

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Welfie Meaning

welfie meaning

In simple explanation, Welfie is abbreviation for the words ‘Welfare Recipient’. Welfie seen on All of us are dead refers to people who are dependent on others for money, food and existence.

Welfie people usually take their payouts monthly or sometimes biweekly. Other than montly payouts, they got other benefits such as food stamps that they can exchange. 

However, to be verified as a welfie, you need to provide real evidence of income levels and needs.

Welfie Meaning Korean Slang

welfie meaning

Welfie is ‘Gisaengsu’ in korean language, it is a short form of ‘Gicho Saenghwal sugeupja’ in Korean language. Gisaengsu refers to people who live on poverty, on minimal or basic welfare from the government.

This korean slang is not a common expression you will often hear in korea due to it’s offensive nature. Never use this word to korean people, especially someone who live in poverty or currently out of job.

Some online community use this words to tells that poverty is the result of incompetence and laziness. They use this terms to criticize those welfie as having a ‘beggar spirit‘ with no honor.

However, you can also use it to descibe someone who live with their parents or depends on their family.

Other Meaning of Welfie

welfie meaning

While korean think of welfie in a negative light, some people all over the internet has it different. “Welfie” in a global scale, is an internet slang that came from the words “well-being” and “selfie,” which suggests it is about taking care of yourself or promoting self-care. 

Cyber definitions define welfie as ‘work out and selfie‘, which simply means take a selfie in the middle of exercise. While Urban dictionary describe welfie as a person who is wealthy in the amount of selfies they have of themselves.

Some others define ‘welfie’ as ‘we selfie‘, which refers to take a selfie in groups together. There are many other different welfie meaning you can find on the internet.

welfie meaning

The use of the term “welfie” globally began in early 2016, with health and wellness influencers in South Asia first using it on social media. 

It then spread to other countries around the world fairly quickly, and people began to associate welfies with specific types of images such as nature shots or gym selfies. Welfies are a great way to show appreciation for taking care of oneself and staying healthy!

Sum Up

welfie meaning

It is quite shocking and surprised to see how Na Yeon use this offensive words to Gyeongsu. You don’t want to use this korean slang to korean unless you want to create chaos just as the picture describe. 

Just learn it’s meaning and understand the difference between welfie in korean language and welfie in global terms so you won’t be confuse when you hear someone use this words.

Here’s all I learnt and I can share about Gisaengsu or Welfie words we seen in All Of Us Are Dead korean dramas. If you think this article is helpful, share it with your friends and pin it to your pin board! 

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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