White Day Korea – What is White Day In Korea?

white day in korea

Have you ever wonder what is White Day in Korea, exactly?

Don’t worry, I got you.

I’ll share all I know about White Day and why it is important to know the different between Valentine and White Day In Korea

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What Is White Day In Korea

White day is a special day for men to give back gifts to the women, as a response to the gifts they received during Valentine’s Day.

While Valentines Day falls on February 14th, White Day falls on March 14th, exactly one month after Valentines Day.

Origin of White Day

White day

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White Day was originated from Japan and previously known as ‘Marshmallow Day‘.

Historically, man can only give white marshmallows as a gift for White Day.

Later on, they changed the name to White Day to make more room for the gifts men can give. 

Now the only rules is the color.

Men can give any gifts in white colour, including white chocolate.

Common Gifts For White Day

Korean celebrate White Day by giving gifts to their couple or the women they like.

The gifts can be handmade, special order gifts, flowers, or chocolatte.

They do this to show their special affection to their women.

Some of the common gifts are handmade chocolate, and flower bouquet.

Every second week of March, all the convenience stores and supermarkets usually start putting a ready-made treat baskets and large stuffed teddy bears on the shelf.

Words Related to White Day

These are some words related to White Day, in case you want to confess your feeling to your Korean friends.

  • I love you – 사랑해요 (Saranghaeyo)
  • March 14th – 3월 14일 (samwol sipsail)
  • confess one’s love – 사랑을 고백하다 (sarangeul gobaekada)
  • give a gift – 선물을 주다 (seonmureul juda)
  • loved one – 사랑하는 사람 (saranghaneun saram)
  • girlfriend – 여자친구 (yeojachingu)
  • boyfriend – 남자친구 (namjachingu)
  • candy – 사탕 (satang)
  • chocolate – 초코릿 (chokolit)
  • bouquet – 꽃다발 (kkotdabal)
  • present – 선물 (seonmul)
  • date – 데이트 (deiteu)
  • love – 사랑 (sarang)

Valentines Day vs White Day

valentines day korea

Since men and women take turns to give each other gifts, there are two special love day you can celebrate in South Korea.

Valentine’s Day is the day for women to confess their interest and love to the men.

On the opposite, White Day is the day for men to confess their love and interest to the women.

Women will give a special gifts – like a handmade gifts or chocolate to their loved ones during Valentine’s Day.

Sum Up

White Day is meant to show affection towards one another.

Unfortunately, some people people felt it like an obligations.

Culture and Society pressure often push men to give expensive gifts to their women – which creates tension to men.

Hopefully, later people will stop pushing men to buy expensive gifts and just focus on enjoying the day with their loved ones.

If you come to Korea during White Day, just treat this day as a day to show extra affection towards one another.

I thinks these are all I can share about White Day in Korea.

Let me know if you have any question about White Day on the comment sections below!

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