Valentine’s Day in Korea – All You Need To Know!

valentine day korea

In this article we will share to you all you need to know about this romantic Valentine’s day in korea and what makes it unique compare to valentine’s day on another country.

Valentine’s Day in Korea

valentines day korea

Valentines day is the day for women to give something special to show and confess their affection towards her crush or loved ones. This day gives the opportunity for female to be aggressive and show her heart to someone she like. Thus, many singles women got their date during Valentine’s day.

valentines day korea

On the other side, man is the love and gifts receiver during Valentine’s day In Korea, they receive the love that was shown through gifts by their loved ones.

White Day In Korea

valentines day korea

To make it simple, the difference between this two romantic valentine’s day and White day lies in the giver and the receiver change within a one month gap. While Valentine’s day falls on February 14th, White Day falls on March 14th.

valentines day korea

White day is the day for men to show his affection back as a response to the love they received from their mate on February 14.  Other than show response, this day is also a special and opportune day for single man to get a date. This day is the perfect time for man to show and confess their love to someone they like.

valentines day korea

While man are the receiving side during Valentines day, usually men will response with a more extravagant gifts during White day in Korea when they will give gifts back to the women they love.

Black Day in Korea

so bin kdrama

Black Day is the day dedicated to all lonely singles out there, both male and female, who didn’t receive any gifts, chocolates, or confession on Valentine’s Day and White Day.

valentines day korea

This is the day when singles meet their single friends to eat jjajangmyeon, a black noodle meal, that’s why this day was named “Black Day”. This Black Day is observed by single for both gender, male and female on April 14th. The sad part about this day is that there are not single advertisement about it, which makes it even lonelier.

Valentine’s Day in South Korea

valentine day korea 0

This holiday was inspired and actually brought to South Korea from the West, specifically, the Western countries. However, Korea modify it in which makes it the opposite of the common Valentine’s day we knew where male confess to Women.

Korea makes Valentine’s day a special day and occassion for the women all over korea to gather up all her courage and confess their affections and love to her loved ones. This is good for many single women as they got opportunity where it became ‘normal’ in this special day, for them to confess their love first, rather than waiting for the men to take action.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Korea

valentines day korea

Couple usually go on special dates or staycation during Valentine’s day, if they can’t, then they will give personalized and special gifts to their couple and loved ones. 

valentines day korea

On this holiday, convenience stores and supermarkets have large displays filled with all sorts of popular chocolates and even ready-made goodie baskets to purchase. You will start seeing valentine’s stuff on almost every supermarkets in korea early february.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

valentines day korea

Women usually make a special made chocolate for their loved ones or buy a high quality personalized chocolate from shops. Other than that, they usually create something custom as additional of the gifts they give to their loved ones.

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Most of us think that Valentine’s Day In Korea is exciting and fun, however, on the other hand, it’s also pressure for many korean women as they’re the first side to take action and confess their love to the guy they like.

valentines day korea

Other than that, they need to be patient and wait a one full month until White Day moments, to know if they will get response from their loved ones.

valentines day korea

Valentine’s day remain as one of the most important holidays for couple even up to this day, with the difference is that in the modern south korea, this day getting wider and broaden to not just a special day for couple, but also to show love to family, co workers, and friends.

Couple Days In Korea

There are actually many similar celebrations that is similar to Valentine in Korea on every 14th day of the month, such as:

  • January: Diary Day
  • May: Rose Day
  • June: Kiss Day
  • July: Silver Day
  • August: Green Day
  • September: Photo Day
  • October: Wine Day
  • November: Movie Day
  • December: Hug Day

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