March First Independence Movement Day in South Korea 삼일절

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

In this article we will share to you about March 1st Independence movement day in south korea that also well known as Samiljeol. Samiljeol itself is actually came from the words 삼 (sam) which means three,일 (il) which means day or one and 절 jeol which means festival day, it literally means ‘three one Festival Day’.

This day, at March first, is a day that commemorates Independence Movement that happened in 1919. This day is a national and historical holiday as it was The Day of turning point for Korea against Japan, the power that rules Korea at that time. This day was established as a nationwide holiday in Korea since May 24th, 1949.

Independence Movement Day

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

It happened back then in March 1st, 1919, where Movement happened by the activists as they read the Korean Declaration of Independence. This raise the freedom spirit of Koreans which makes over two million citizens of south korea join hands and participated in more than thousands demonstrations all over the country.

While most of them were killed, arrested and also wounded, the movement didn’t stop there. The movement continue in a neighboring country and they continue their mission to make Korea break lose from Japan. Even Koreans who was study in Tokyo also demand freedom from the colonials.

Bloody Independence Movement

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

Based on the book ‘Bloody history of the korean independence movement’, about 7,509 people killed, 15,849 wounded and 46,303 was arrested to Seodaemun Prison. Those who were arrested, was actually more unfortunate because they were actually torture to death.

Some journalist reported that the slaughter just happened all over korea as japanese start panic due to what Korea did to get their independence, and so they killed them brutally in which some of them were burnt alive. It was reported that they put koreans inside a church building, burn it with fire and flooded them with gun shot to make sure nobody get out alive.

Movement Continues

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

While japan try to end the movement through their brutal act of slaughter, this movement ended up raise up the spirit of Koreans who are willing to sacrifice and give it all for their independence. Other than that, their sacrifice moved the conscience of the people worldwide and so they created Korea Liberation Army that was allowed to operate in China.

This was the beginning of the establishment of Provisional Government of Republic of Korea in Shanghai and after Korean war, Koreans make this day as a National holiday.

Commemorate Independence Movement Day

While most of korean commemorate this day independently at home by rise up taegukgi, national flags on their windows or outside of houses, there are some place we can visit to re-live the history of Independence Movement Day.

1. Seodaemun Prison History Hall

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

Seodaemun Prison used to be the prison for those who was arrested alive after the movement, which is far worse than those who died instantly as they were oppressed, brutally torture to death. Koreans come here to remember and honor their brave, courage and their strong will to fight for their freedom and the good of the next generations, in spite of the high cost they must paid.

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

You can see and imagine the pain those koreans must bear, the struggles, the hurt, both physically, mentally and spiritually as they were tortured and see their colleagues fallen in front of their eyes during the colonization period. You can see the photographs, the tools and the chambers they use to torture the korean patriots.

2. The Independence Hall of Korea

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

Independence Hall of Korea is also another great place to visit in the In this historical day, especially because this place offers you various monuments, exhibitions, photos and all you need to learn about Korean Independence movement history.

3. Seoul's Tapgol Park

March First Independence Movement Day in Korea!

You can also celebrate this national holiday by visiting Seoul’s Tapgol Park, formerly Pagoda Park and read the korean declaration of Independence.

March 1st Independence Movement Day

How do you think about this independence movement day in south korea? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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