Korean Streaming Platforms To watch Your Favourite K-Shows!

korean streaming platforms

Are you looking for a streaming platforms to watch your favourite K-shows other than Netflix? In this article I will share to you some of korean streaming platforms you can use to watch like a korean! Let’s take a look at these platforms.

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Korean Streaming Platforms

While most tourist know and fall in love with korea by watching korean dramas and kpop, there are a lot of korean entertainment show and variety shows you can enjoy by using Korean streaming platforms.

Most of us know netflix as our go-to when it comes to streaming services. However, Korean have it’s own amazing streaming platforms which you can use to watch your favourite Korean shows!

If you don’t understand korean language, then these korean streaming platforms might not be for you unless you plan to use these platform to help you learn and understand korean language. Let’s take a look at each one of these platforms.


WAVVE Korean Streaming PLatforms

WAVVE is an over the top media service which combine POOQ and oksusu. This platform was created in September 2019 to prevent the pure dominance of US giant OTT companies like Youtube.

It’s amazing to know how three conglomerates in TV (KBS, MBC and SBS) join hand together with SK Telecom to create a special platform to fight the dominance of Netlfix in Korea. 


TVING Korean Streaming PLatforms

TVING is a streaming platform that was born out of joint venture between CJ ENM and JTBC. This platform was created to compete with WAVVE platform. Afterwards, this platform join with Naver, and so you can expect a lot of webtoon based korean dramas and extensive library of entertainment options in this platform. 


WATCHA Korean Streaming PLatforms

WATCHA has a wide selection of classic films, indie movies and TV series that are relatively non-mainstream, compared to Netflix with its blockbuster movies and TV shows. The best part is you can leave user ratings and get recommendations that you’ll actually like (*cough* do better Netflix).

WATCHA provides a personalized streaming experience with its advanced recommendation system to ensure you find new and exciting Korean content tailored to your preferences.

This platform has various selection of non mainstream film and TV series you hardly find on Netflix. In addition, you can also watch Japanese and hongkong movies.

4. U+Mobile TV

U+ Mobile TV Korean Streaming PLatforms

U+Mobile TV is a popular Korean streaming platform that launch in June 2014. This platform allows you to enjoy K-dramas and variety shows on your mobile devices.

It offers free tons of free movies you can watch without being a paid subscribers. In addition, you can continue watch your favourite Korean shows across multiple devices with this platform.

5. Seezn

Seezn Korean Streaming PLatforms

Seezn is a platform launched by KT in november 2019. This platform known for its extensive library of Korean content, from dramas, films, and the latest reality shows.

However, it’s just available in Korea, so you will need to use VPN to download this platform.

6. Coupang Play

Coupang Play Korean Streaming PLatforms

Coupang is the biggest online shopping company in South Korea, it’s like amazon Korea. They create a korean streaming platform name Coupang play to expand it’s business grip in the country.

It offers a free streaming service to all Coupang’s Wow members. In addition to get a free streaming service, Coupang Wow membership actually gives another benefits like free delivery, returns and other special offers.

If you love sports, you can enjoy live sports broadcast with this platform. If you live in Korea, or plan to be in the future, then you must have coupang wow membership to get so many benefits.

7. KakaoTV

KakaoTV korean streaming platform

KakaoTV is a streaming platform that offers a diverse selection of new original Korean content and live broadcast in it’s app. 

It has some interesting show such as FACE ID, a reality show in which you can get a sneek peek into your celebrity daily lives through their smartphones for free (as long as you use it frequently).


8. KocowaTV

kocowa Korean Streaming PLatforms

KOCOWA (Korean Content Wave) TV is a streaming platforms that provides English subtitles for all Korean entertainment (six hours after the program aired).

This platform is a joint venture between the top three Korean broadcast networks – KBS, MBC and SBS along with SK Telecom. Therefore, you can expect to watch content from the Big 3’s extensive lineup.

Unfortunately, KOCOWA is only available to residents in North and South America. So if you live outside of these country, you might need VPN to use this platform.

Sum Up

Whether you’re a long-time K-drama fan or just starting to explore the captivating world of Korean content, these Korean streaming platforms will help you find your favourite korean shows. 

From exclusive series to classic favorites, these platforms provide various original korean shows and live broadcast. 

In addition, It’s also great for you who want to practice your korean language listening skills while enjoy high-quality Korean shows.

Have you ever use one of these korean streaming platforms? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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