‘Ramyun and Chill’, the first International Dating show in Korea!

Ramyun and Chill – the first international dating shows on Youtube in South Korea. 

If you are a lover of dating shows, then you want to add this to your watchlist.

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First International Korean Dating Show

Ramyun and Chill

While there are several famous dating show in korea, Ramyun and chill is the first International Dating show on Youtube in Korea. 

It’s worth to watch, especially for you who are foreigner who plan to date or even marry with Korean.

Ramyun and Chill

This dating show explores the possibilities of love beyond cultural boundaries and language barriers. 

It help you relate and know how it feels like to date korean, in South Korea.

Ramyun and Chill Multinational Dating Show

Ramyun and chill is a 5-episode Korean international dating show that premiered since November 8th to December 6th. 

This dating show tackles the question all of us had on whether love alone can really transcend the language and cultural barrier.

Ramyun and Chill Cast

Ramyun and Chill

The show features 5 women from different background all over the world and 5 men from South Korea.

They will spend 4 romantic nights on a lakeside getaway, famously known to be the filming location of BTS Reality show ‘In The Soop’.

Ramyun and Chill

The show will star a panel of renowned and diverse YouTubers such as Megan Moon, Terry Brown (BrisxLife), Jin & Hattie, and David Kim(DKDKTV)

The five panels will show their different insights and perspectives on the subject of international dating adding flair to the show.

DKDKTV Youtube Channel

Ramyun and Chill

DKDKTV is a YouTube channel that digs deeper into K-Pop and K-Culture for the international audience. 

‘Ramyun and Chill’ will be released on the channel every Tuesday KST, with its first episode premiering at 11:59 PM KST on November 8, on the DKDKTV YouTube Channel.

Ramyun and Chill

Twitter: @dkdktv
Instagram: @dkdktv
Email: [email protected]

International Dating Show in Korea

How do you think about dating with South Korean after watching this dating show? 

Do you think love can really transcends every boundaries including language and cultural barrier? 

Let us know in the comment sections below.

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Ramyun and Chill
Ramyun and Chill

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